anime Which of my 15 hated anime characters do u agree with

Pick one:
Yuka from Corpse Party (Don't really hate her, just a little obnoxious at times)
Gary Oak from Pokemon
Misuka Yoshima from DearS
Patricia Martin from Lucky ster
Chris Thorndyke from Sonic X
Sasuke from Naruto (Get over it)
Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist
Shinji from Evangelion
Makoto from School Days
Shinji Matou from Fate/Stay Night
Hercule from Dragon Ball Z
Gendo from Evangelion (This character was in a sepaerate list)
Misa from Death Note
Sayaka from Princess Princess (Couldn't find a better picture)
Louise Francoise Le blanc de La Valliere from The Familiar of Zero
 Windwakerguy430 posted een jaar geleden
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