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Dear beloved Ariana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Galina Sula.I am a grea fun of yours!!!!! I have to send a confirmation code to ,doun't know if this one is the right one.The invitation code that I have to send to u

AGF0189.Can u help me ,please!!!!!! Is this the right adress????? Thank u so much for your help!!!!! Love Ariana Grande so much,beyond any words to describe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 sulagalina posted een jaar geleden
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Sanabanans said:
ariana grande is not on this website! but if u want to know her address to mail her, u should visit! trust me i used it, and theyre completely veilig and legal!!!! i got her address from there too.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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