My Favourite childhood princess
Well as u know I have loved The Little Mermaid since I was 8 years old and I was so obsessed with it. I had the doll of Ariel but she broke, the ornament of Ariel(which I got in Disneyland Paris back in 2006),the Sebastian toy(I got in McDonalds),the bot key ring(I got free in a book),the storybook of it, and finally the PJ’s of Ariel as well as the movie.

I was so fascinated with the movie I loved the film score, the story that goes with it, the colourful characters and the funny sidekicks as well as the love between Ariel (the love struck 16 yr old mermaid who dreams of being part of the human world as she loves it so much)and Eric(the handsome sailor prince who Ariel saves from drowning and he is enchanted with her singing voice).

I love Ariel because:

* She is a hopeless romantic

* Wants her own happy ending

* Is rebellious and has to get her own way

* Is in love with a human that she saved from drowning

* Her beautiful singing voice

* Her beauty and her innocence

* Her kind hearted ways

* Her hair is so gorgeous

* She’s my no 2 in the Disney princess lijst among other princesses who I like.