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de keuze van de fan: Katie McGrath
de keuze van de fan: Series 5 Promo
de keuze van de fan: Purple Queen dress
de keuze van de fan: Dress 1
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fansfunsz zei …
he chose the wrong queen geplaatst een jaar geleden
VampyreFey zei …
Stopping door to say I miss these two LIKE A LOT. Also shout out to Joppa for keeping this spot active when she can. She's amazing. <3 geplaatst een jaar geleden
MISAforever commentaar gegeven…
awwww thank u Issie!! <3 you're a darling! And I miss them too, so much... Not only on Merlin but also on screen in general.. :( een jaar geleden
HumbleQueen commentaar gegeven…
I agree! Thanks, Joppa. u are a true fan. een jaar geleden
MISAforever commentaar gegeven…
thank u Nanna <3 een jaar geleden
HumbleQueen zei …
Hello, hello, HELLO, my dear sweet Arwen fans. This is Nanna coming door to say how much I miss those fun days with all of u and how enjoyable it was discussing Arwen here at this place. u helped me feel young again! Well, I miss Arwen, as we all do, and I am at Pinterest a lot so I started a board for them. It's secret now, but I hope to make it public at some point. Hope all is well with each one of you! Hope every now and then, like me, u watch an episode for old times sake. geplaatst een jaar geleden
VampyreFey commentaar gegeven…
Nanna <3 I come to fp from time to time, and it was so nice to hear from u again! Ah the good old days were the best. Miss you! <3 een jaar geleden
HumbleQueen commentaar gegeven…
Miss u too, Izzie sweetie! een jaar geleden
MISAforever commentaar gegeven…
Aaa hello!!!! <3 <3 It is so good to hear from you! I too miss the good old days. And the spot may not be what it used to be, but my Merlin/ Arwen obsession is strong as ever. I am rewatching, always, and Tumblr is great bron of my daily fix. :D I am not familiar with Pinterest but I am glad whatever it is, u are promoting our Arwen. And I hope to hear from u again. Sending u hugs and kisses!! xxoo een jaar geleden
HumbleQueen commentaar gegeven…
Hugs and Kisses back Joppa!!! I am still at tumblr too and see u and reblog u now and then. While I have other things I do, I make sure to put an Arwen on whenever I can. After coming here, I decided to do some rewatching so I'm doing Season 3 right now! Take care, dear! een jaar geleden