1. u name a pet/ plushie after a Pokemon/ Character

2. You've tried throwing Pokeballs at animals and plushes (and also people)

3. u claim to be a Pokemon master!!

4. You've played at least one game from each gen

5. You're a member of Pokemon Community ^^

6. u can spell the names of all the Pokemon

7. ...All of them

8. ...Even in Japanese

9. ...Even Regigigas

10. You've pretended u were a Pokemon

11. You've been pooped on door a bird and u were like "I never knew Pidgey could learn THAT."

12. u quit your job, thinking your cat can use Pay Day.

13. u tried to evolve your goldfish into Gyarados.

14. When asked what u wanna be when you're older u reply 'A POKEYMAHN MASTAHH!!'

15. when u tear apart u room to find a missing game

16. When u see mud and throw a ball and say "I CAUGHT A GRIMER!"

17. Randomly walking up to people when they "locked eyes" onto u then ask them to battle you.

18. When u ask for Nurse Joy at the vet's office.

19 u want to light a brand but instead of asking for matches, u ask for Charmander.

20. When u try to teach your doberman Flamethrower.