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This Assassin's Creed foto contains borstplaat, auspiciën, egis, and aegis. There might also be jager, schutter, pantserplaat, bepantsering, plaatpantser, armor plaat, harnas plaat, armor plating, plate armor, plate pantser, and armet.

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My Review of the game. I got this game for Christmas.Yay....I just beat it and heres my thoughts.

The Great-The visual effects are amazing...It is a real treat to look at.The story is interesting u want to know more.The sword fights can be a lot of fun when u get really into it and use to it.

The Good-The Free roam is so much fun...The fact u can do anything u want at anytime makes u feel meer in control of the game..

The Bad-The computer sometimes likes to cheat in boss fights and break all your blocks and not let u get a hit in...Which u can deal with and work around...But it can get very irritating.

The Ugly-The load times are so long and when u die a couple times u can get really really mad. Then the white screen u go into occasionally sometimes u get stuck in for a while and thats even meer aggravating..Lastly the videos are dull they don't have much life into it...

Overall-It is a really good game and worth buying.. I would rate it a 9.....
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