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 Avatar Christmas ~ ♥
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Modern dag TyZula Valentine AU.

Azula had never seen as much glitter and rose petals as she did when she opened her locker that morning. Open swinging it open the cutesy stuff fell upon her in a pink, red, and silver shower. She blew her hair out of her face creating another sparkly puff in the air.

That stuff probably wouldn’t leave her hair for another maand of two.

From in the corner she saw Zuko snickering to himself as he waited for Mai to arrive, he planned on giving her the most ridiculously sized stuffed frog.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Azula!” Ty-Lee flung herself at the girl—once...
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Sokka went to visit the girl, everyone else seemed too afraid to do so. He figured that she must be so lonely concealed within that institution. He would be lying if he zei that he wasn’t afraid, but his hart-, hart got the best of him—if it was his sister he’d want someone to keep her company.

The girl that sat before him was anything but lucid; her eyes were tired yet so unfocused, always scanning the room. Eventually she’d stop looking around and fix her eyes on a single point in the room. Sometimes she’d laugh at whatever her eyes were trained on, other times whatever it was had her...
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Clips from A:TLA to the Mortal Kombat Theme
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