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 Azula and Ursa ♥
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What a touching moment :')
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Keep in mind this is my opinion, thanks! :)


He's not going to be number one just because he's the protagonist. But he's going to be on it. I love his personality, he's so hyper and sweet. He's also super awesome because he's the avatar, and I personally think he does his job better than Korra, but that's just me. I love how he's the last airbender and I love his relationship with Katara. He's such a great character, he's funny, cool, sweet, and he's a good role model, supporting things like peace and not killing people. It was really brave of him to take away Ozai's bending instead...
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I'm now writing an actual Avatar Hunger Games story for fanfiction.net. It's gonna be awesome!
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