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Zuko found himself locked in another stare off with Kirah. The girl seemed ready to cave. They hadn’t spoken to each other in at least ten minutes. I

“What’s your excuse this time?” Zuko asked. “Visiting hours change again?”

“No. She’s…Tang-Shin took her to get some sort of new therapy…she should be out soon. After he’s done, I’ll check with him and see what I can do.” Kirah replied.

“Oh, so you’re going to play nice now?”

“Am I playing nice now of was I playing mean before?” She asked before pretending to fill out some paperwork.

“What’s that supposed to...
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Funny Avatar Quotes:
•    “Zuko’s gone crazy! I made a sand sculpture of Suki and he destroyed it! … Oh, and he’s attaching Aang”-Sokka
•    “Yesterday my mouth tasted like mud. Now it just tastes like sand. I never thought I’d miss the taste of mud so much”-Toph
•    “Please tell me u ae hear because the brand lord turned out to be a big wimp and u didn’t even need the eclipse to take him down”-Sokka
•     Aang: “But he’s still a human being…”
Zuko: “You’re going to defend...
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So if you've been living under a rock, here's what u missed.

Michael is now good vrienden with the Rowe family and protects Sydney almost every uur of the day. He has joined the basketbal team along with Tenzin, and Eli. Katara has had her baby, Dishi, on March 23rd. And that's what u missed on Bending in the Present.

There were 7 seconden on the clock as Eli shot the last basket. My team held our breath as the basketbal bounced on the rim and backboard. There was 2 seconden left when the ball fell through the hoop. My team cheered and carried him on our shoulders as the buzzer, buzzed....
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