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One of the things I noticed about Avatar is the significance of the spirit disguises. Each disguise speaks volumes about the character using it and reflects their personality sort of like their bending styles.

I’ll start with the Painted Lady and Katara;

The real Painted Lady was a lot of things for the people of Jang Hui. She was a protector. A healer. A beacon of hope. She was a water spirit with assumably a gentle heart.

This is not unlike Katara herself. One of Katara’s key character traits was her hopefulness and the hope she instilled in other people. And in assuming the persona...
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Sorry everybody, I haven't done an artikel in a while. I've been working on other clubs a lot so I haven't been here as much, however, I thought I would come back and write another article. This time, it's going to be my LEAST favoriete characters from Avatar. This will only be including characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, because if I included The Legend Of Korra then my whole lijst would be Legend of Korra characters. Anyways, please keep in mind that this is my opinion, and we may disagree, so respect my opinion and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article! :)

*there will be spoilers of...
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avatar the last airbender
This is my first artikel here! Anyway, enjoy!

11) Ty Lee

Sorry for putting her so low, she's really cute, but I find her beauty too childlike and boring. She can look really ugly in many shots. I don't like her face so much (she hasn't got lips!) and her hair is ok, but nothing really special. Her body though, is very sexy and fit.

10) Mai

I find Mai to be pretty, but there are some things on her that I don't like. Her face is too long and her eyes are too small. Her long, black silky hair is just gorgeous. About her body, I guess it's fine.

9) Ursa

She's very elegant and beautiful....
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The zoek is a trilogy of comics set in the Avatar universe that directly follows the events of The Promise trilogy. In this comic, Team Avatar zoek for Zuko's mother, but instead of Toph, someone else joins them.
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