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I am under the impression that the writers of Avatar were Eragon fans. (From the Inheritance Cycle) Here is why: (as u can guess, I like making lists)

Eragon and Saphira are the last free dragon and rider (besides Oromis and Glader). Eragons’ duty is to quote: “restore balance to the land” If you’re going to compare Oromis and Glader to someone, it would be Avatar Roku and his (surprise surprise) dragon.

In the Eragon world, there are the Dwarves, the Elves, the humans, and the Dragons. The Dragons were all killed in the fall of the riders which was (not joking) 100 years before.

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katara intro:ugg highschool. being in my school 4 nations high is annoying. there are these clicks. of course ppl who bend the same element get along.theyre the brand nation, earth kingdom, watertribe and air nomads. brand nation are mostly the populair kids,the earh kingdom are normally jocks,the seconde popular.there arent alot of air nomads so its just one group of vrienden about 10 to 15 ppl and watertribe is just normal.although some people arent in clicks like me.but the bad things is i dont have friends. thank god this jaar im going to have waterbending classes lets see if i have someone...
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I am quite sure every person in the Avatar fandom has heard about Zutara and Maiko dozens of times many of those occasions in complicated shipping wars something this artikel is not here to initiate. But how many times have u heard of Jinko? How many even remember who Jin is? I am willing to bet not many. She was the girl that Zuko dated when he was stuck in Ba Sing Se as a fugitive of every nation including his home pagina and was disguised as a refugee of the name "Lee". In Tales of Ba Sing Se.

Jin was a sweet, innocent, charming girl that had a crush on Zuko and frequented Pao's teashop a lot...
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Avatar: The Last Airbender soundtrack - Avatar Aang in the Spirit World | Kalimba cover (thumb piano) From the Book 1 (Water): chapter 20 (The Siege of the North, part 2)
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