Avatar: The Last Airbender Out Of All Of These, Which Was A Major Shock To You?

Pick one:
Aang being the Avatar
The brand Nation being the reason for the Air Nomad extinction
The crazy king of Omashu was Bumi, Aang's old friend
Zuko finding Katara's halsketting, ketting
Aang going into the Spirit World
Katara actually stealing something
"I'll save u from the pirates"
Zuko sweet talking Katara
Jet having an obsession with taking out brand Nation no matter what
How Zuko got his scar
Zuko being the Blue Spirit
Aang accidentally burning Katara
Aang lying
the airbenders were still around (only later seeing that they weren't)
the Mechanists making weapons for the brand Nation
Yue being engaged
Zuko almost getting killed door the pirates
Zhao taking Zuko's crew
Zuko still alive and disguising as a guard
Sokka saving the village in time
Zuko's appearance at the Spirit Oasis
The brand Nation going to attack the North Pole
How Yue had some of the Moon's Spirit life in her
Zuko having a sister and Iroh having a son
Zuko actually doing something good
Zuko actually smiling
Iroh not attacking the Gaang
Zuko choosing to save Iroh instead of chasing the Avatar
Yue kissing Sokka
Yugoda telling Katara her grandmother was originally from the North Pole
Pakku revealing he was the one who was engaged to Kanna
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