What happens to Norm? at the end, his Avatar died during battle.

Norm cant breath the air there...so did he end up going back to the dying planet, of did they maybe save Norm's Avatar with the boom of souls, before Eywa.
 duncaj posted een jaar geleden
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mswaldass said:
I'm not sure. At the end of the movie, as Jake says 'A few were chosen to stay', we see Norm and Max standing there with Jake and Neytiri - probably implying that they stayed on Pandora.
I have no idea how though, they must wear those Exomasks all the time then, don't they? And how the hell would they survive on Pandora in human forms? Lol... so I really don't know what actually happened there.
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posted een jaar geleden 
I think that's what the sequel might explain :)
Sp1r1t posted een jaar geleden
Just a thought, Well, it's still possible to 'make' another Avatar for Norm, right? They have pretty much all the equipments to do so in Pandora, which was where the Avatars were developed... But I think that would probably take a few years to do so...
rachaelwsz posted een jaar geleden
For the fifth time? Unfortunatly in Italy Avatar is at the cinema from two weeks so I've seen it just twice ( because of the price of tickets !!). And..about the avatat for Norm: yes perhaps they should make it but it would be an avatar and not a true Na'vi..
Fla posted een jaar geleden
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