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 Neytiri achtergrond
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Source: DarnellM1 Designs 2010
Neytiri achtergrond 1680 x 1050
zoe saldana
    Part 1 - Rebuilding

    A week after the aliens were gone, we began to rebuild everything that had been destroyed. It wasn't easy, and a lot of people were resistant to the changes that had to be made. Above everything else, we taught change and tolerance. And tolerance is a big word for me.

    Norm and the other scientists allowed to stay continued to call their home pagina the lab where they'd been working before. But I never went back. I had no reason to, and Norm promised to visit even though his Avatar had been destroyed. I know he...
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Set as a trap, Trudy pushed in a kar, winkelwagen a food. She convinced the cop that there was biefstuk in cart. She then knocked him out.
"Trudy!?" We all shouted. She grabbed the key and unlocked the door. She tossed both me and Jake a gun. We ran the halls of the ship in till we came to the helicopter hanger. We loaded onto the helicopter then the general shot at us. I lost my breath as a bullet barley missed my head. We celebrated as we took off. Thats in till Grace held a bloody palm.
"Oh god" I zei , "Jake"! He came over and worked on Grace. Being me, I blamed myself. Quirch isn't going to get away with this I swore. Then I had an idea.
"Jake, the Na'vi"!
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Sorry this took so long. I'll try to post two parts to make up for it.


    By morning, I still hadn't slept, but I'd put the pad away completely. I'd kept thinking about Tommy all night, looking at my son and Ava and wondering if I was doing the right thing. I did want to know as much about Ava as I could, but knowing what I knew now was making me backtrack every decision I'd made after Tommy had died. Even if I didn't have any regrets, I'd only achieved opening up a whole new batch of vragen without very many antwoorden on the horizon, and I...
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