masquaraede posted on Jan 26, 2009 at 08:12AM
Bakugan Mega Battle Pack January 9th!

On January 9th, will offer the Mega Battle Pack!

This is a one-of-a-kind collector’s item:

You get 1 of each representative type of Bakugan (50 total) from Series
1, Series 2, and B2 (Bakupearl, Bakuclear, and/or Bakuswap).

Here is the list:

Series Brawler Attribute G-Power Notes
B2 Appolonir Haos 480g
B2 Bee Striker Ventus 480g
B2 Blade Tigrerra Pyrus 520g
1 Centipoid Aquos 400g Translucent
B2 Clayf Subterra 440g
2 Cycloid Darkus 570g
1 Delta Dragonoid II Pyrus 560g Pearl
B2 Dragonoid Darkus 400g
B2 El Condor Ventus 520g
B2 Exedra Darkus 450g
2 Falconeer Darkus 570g
2 Fear Ripper Haos 450g
B2 Fortress Aquos 470g
B2 Frosch Pyrus 310g
2 Garganoid Darkus 300g
B2 Gorem Subterra 670g
2 Griffon Darkus 250g
B2 Hammer Gorem Haos 530g
B2 Harpus Darkus 650g
B2 Hydranoid Pyrus 380g
2 Hynoid Darkus 390g
1 Juggernoid Pyrus 400g Translucent
B2 Lars Lion Haos 310g
2 Laserman Aquos 330g
B2 Limulus Ventus 450g
2 Manion Ventus 630g
2 Mantris Pyrus 420g
B2 Monarus Ventus 560g
B2 Naga Subterra 620g
B2 Oberus Subterra 570g
1 Preyas Darkus 400g Attribute Doesn’t Change
B2 Preyas II Subterra 500g
B2 Rattleoid Haos 380g
B2 Ravenoid Haos 460g
B2 Reaper Darkus 490g
B2 Robotallion Aquos 570g
2 Saurus Haos 330g
B2 Serpenoid Pyrus 330g
2 Siege Darkus 350g
B2 Sirenoid Darkus 550g
2 Skyress Darkus 400g
1 Stinglash Darkus 400g Translucent
B2 Storm Skyress Pyrus 370g
B2 Tentaclear Pyrus 450g
B2 Terrorclaw Haos 510g
1 Tigrerra Haos 300g Translucent
2 Tuskor Subterra 400g
B2 Warius Ventus 510g
B2 Wavern Ventus 560g
B2 Wormquake Subterra 400g

You will also get a complete set of the Series 2, 2a, and 2b cards!

They won’t last long, so have your money ready to go!

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