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disclaimer: here i go this is my first bakugan love story but please don't scold reading on how are the brawlers attitude and also i am not including Julie of maroucho.and here it is and i am going to write some pov's . and there are not to brawls included and -

i can't believe it was my first dag and i became so much populair shun and found some vrienden and enemies too that girl what was her name again runo. Yeah runo she so stubborn and mean and . and drago asked see she is the most populair girl and then we got into a small fight and then she challenged me on for a basketbal match and she...
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EXAMPLE (My Character!)
Name:Sakura Hiruji
Crush:Valt Aoi
Does Valt Like Me Back?: Yes, I heard he has a crush on me back.
Siblings: Shu
Friends: Valt, Shu (As Siblings!) Puppet Guy, Diago, Headcho,Valt's Schoolfriends, Toko, Nika
Best friends: Valt
Beyblade Name:Justice Jepromcher
Beyblade Color: Orange,White And Red
Beyblade Burst Color: Light Yellow
Beyblade Type: Defensive
Am I in the BeyClub?: Yes, All The Boys think I shouldn't be In There cuz Ima Girl, But, Only Valt Thinks It's ok!
House: A Mansion
Do I think Winning In Beyblade is Everything?: No,Not at All, i think it's About Having fun!
u can Create as much Characters as u want!
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