This artikel enumerates the epsiodes of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse Season 1.

1. Closet Princess

While Barbie gets ready for her datum with Ken, she realizes she needs the perfect accessory. To the amazement of Nikki and Teresa, she opens her closet door to reveal an eye-poppingly amazing labyrinth of aisles and racks – clothes, shoes, accessories – as far as the eye can see. But once they enter, will they ever find their way out?

2. Happy Birthday Chelsea

Chelsea is turning six! Stacie is running this special dag like a drill sergeant, making sure that everyone knows their role. With Barbie distracting the birthday girl and Skipper on decorations, the only vraag left is whether Ken can put together the big present in time.

3. Pet Peeve

Ryan is excited when Barbie invites him over to the Dreamhouse. But when he shows up for their "date" she surprises him with a checklist of things to do while pet-sitting Taffy, Tawny and Blissa. Even meer disturbing, he’s tag-teaming with Ken. However, Ken is the least of his problems once the pets go wild!

4. Rhapsody in Buttercream

Barbie is baking cupcakes to win a bet with Teresa to prove she’s not a klutz in the kitchen. Except so far, Barbie, with help from Stacie and Chelsea, can’t seem to touch an appliance without turning the keuken-, keuken into a disaster area. Ken and the cupcake-alator to the rescue! But Barbie seems to think there was a reason why she doesn’t use the cupcake-alator anymore. Hmmmm...

5. Ken-tastic, Hair-tastic

Ken tries out new hair product that is guaranteed to add volume. And does it ever. He shows up for a datum with Barbie with enough extra hair for two heads. With Chelsea and Raquelle there for support, Barbie exclaims, "To the salon!"

6. Party Foul

It’s Saturday night and Raquelle is throwing a party – Barbie has a feeling this bash is gonna be off the hook, but Nikki suspects something’s fishy! Once they get there, Barbie and Nikki are mortified to discover they're dressed casual for a glitzy evening wear affair. Fashion foul!

7. dag at the Beach

It’s a beautiful dag at the beach. Ken, Barbie, Skipper and Chelsea plan to enjoy some surf, sun and sand. Raquelle, however, is determined to get Ken’s attention with something she knows even he can’t ignore – a scorecard. Can she better Barbie in a beachy contest of will she end up with a sandy taste in her mouth?

8. Sticker It Up

It’s been at least a week since the sisters redecorated the Dreamhouse. Each sister has their own idea of how to redecorate and secretly places their own order. When everything shows up at once, the girls pull out sheet upon sheet of stickers and slap them over the existing décor. It’s a race! But what will they do when stickers take over?

9. Oh How Campy

Barbie and her vrienden are jazzed about their upcoming camping trip. Well, all except Raquelle whose idea of roughing it is being without her tanning bed. Everything from pine cones to butterflies freak her out, so what do u think she'll do when a beer is sighted?

10. Bad Hair Day

Barbie wakes up to discover one side of her hair is flattened against her head. Gasp! Barbie has never had a hair out of place... ever! Before taking drastic action, she realizes that this might be an opportunity to toon Raquelle that not everything goes perfectly for her. Wait 'til Malibu sees the new 'do!

11. Licensed to Drive

Barbie is thrilled when her driver’s license arrives in the mail. Driving seems to be the only skill she’s never mastered (never mind that one of her careers is racecar driving). Ken is only too eager to teach Barbie how to drive. Step 1: assemble the new car he bought for her. Step 2: safety check. Step 3: actually driving. Step 4: regret he ever took on this assignment.

12. I Want My BTV

Ryan is directing his first ever muziek video and he's using the Dreamhouse as his luxurious locale. However, nothing seems to go right when Teresa can't stop laughing at his lyrics, Raquelle demands meer screen and voice time and Ken gets furious over his role as set janitor.

13. Gifts, Goofs, Galore

It’s birthday time! Barbie is a jaar older! Her vrienden struggle to figure out how old she really is. For a girl who has accomplished so much, the years have certainly been kind to her. But the biggest struggle for her vrienden is what do u get for the girl who has everything?

14. The Barbie Boutique

While walking the shops of Malibu with her friends, Barbie is struck with inspiration! Why not open her own boutique so she can bring amaze fashions to all her friends. Jealous as always, Raquelle wants a store of her own and puts her brother Ryan to work on it while she engages in some corporate research... er... sabotage