Barbie films Barbie Fashion and Make-Up Contest: Barbie in a Fairy Secret Fuchsia japon, jurk (deadline July 11, 2014)

-LightningRed- posted on Jun 26, 2014 at 07:11PM
Hello Barbie fans! I make a fashion and make-up contest for Barbie and other characters. You may change her look (hair color, eye shadow, eye color, lipstick, blush) and her outfit color, but not the outfit style. You may change the pattern if you like. I will post one picture and you may modify it. The picture will not always be of Barbie, it may be of her friends.


You may use the picture I post here or another similar picture (same dress). The dress does not have to be shown in full, as I also notice the face and make up.

The winner will receive 1 prop from me. And the picture will be put into a gallery (another forum I will make when we have a winner).

After every 10 rounds, I will make a pick of each round winner. The winner of the 10 rounds will receive 5 additional props. The runner-up will receive 3 props.

Here are few rules:
1. You may apply make-up to Barbie's face. Please do it nicely and carefully so as to make her prettier.
2. You may change her outfit color. You may also change the pattern, but not the style. For example, changing long sleeves to short sleeves is not allowed.
3. You may add accessories like earrings, necklaces, bandana, etc. You may also change her hair accessories color.
4. You may use Photoshop, Paint, or other image editor. But you can only submit your own modified image, not using other people's fanart.
5. Please don't ask your friends to choose your image. Let them pick what they think is best. :)
6. Don't pick your own picture
7. The winner of the previous round may choose the theme for the next round.
8. If one contestant has submitted an outfit in a certain color, you cannot submit your work in that color. For example, if a contestant has submitted a green outfit, other contestants are not allowed to submit a green outfit, unless the green is very different (one is dark green and the other light green).

The same heroine can be chosen again after 10 rounds. For example, if Annika's simple purple dress is the theme for Round 31, you cannot choose Annika's red skating outfit until Round 41. Please upload/give me the link of the screencap of the character's outfit. Nice quality recommended. If the winner fails to give the theme/picture until the deadline, I will choose other character for the theme.

Winners, please upload/give me the link of the screencap of the character's outfit. Nice quality recommended. Otherwise, your suggested theme won't be accepted.

ROUND 1: Rosella in Pink Dress | Bumbl3b33
ROUND 2: Fallon in Night Dress | 3xZ
ROUND 3: Alexa in Purple Princess Gown | Lena_t
ROUND 4: Barbie of Thumbelina in Pink Shirt and Dark Blue Skirt | Sirea
ROUND 5: Little Bridesmaid in Blue-and-White Gown | LightningRed
ROUND 6: Isla in Blue School Dress | 3xZ
ROUND 7: Annika in Pink Dress | ariel306842
ROUND 8: Daniel in Casual Outfit | 3xZ
ROUND 9: Renee in Blue Maid Dress | ariel306842
ROUND 10: Rapunzel in Pink Dress | LightningRed
Round 1-10 Winner: Alexa in Bluish Purple | Lena_t
ROUND 11: Barbie in Christmas Carol White Gown | 3xZ
ROUND 12: Clara in Purple Dress | ariel306842
ROUND 13: Mariposa in Long Pink Gown | LightningRed
ROUND 14: Corinne in Pink Musketeer Dress | 3xZ
ROUND 15: Merliah in Light Blue Outfit | 3xZ
ROUND 16: Blair Willows in Fuchsia Dress| 3xz
ROUND 17: Erika in Anneliese's Light Blue Dress | Lena_t
ROUND 18: Elina as Mermaid | ruxi23
ROUND 19: Odette in Blue and White Dress | 3xZ
ROUND 20: Tori's Pink Short Dress | ariel306842
Round 11-20 Winner: Odette in Lavender | 3xZ
ROUND 21: Luciana in Purple Gown | 3xZ
ROUND 22: Genevieve in Pink and White Gown | 3xZ
ROUND 23: Barbie in Fashion Fairytale Purple Long Gown | 3xZ
ROUND 24: Prince Nicholas in Black and Pink Tuxedo | LightningRed
ROUND 25: Skipper in Purple Jacket and Blue Shirt | BarbieWonders
ROUND 26: Prince Louis in Gold Suit | 3xZ
ROUND 27: Anneliese in Pink Princess Gown | 3xZ
ROUND 28: Eden in Red and Gold Christmas Gown | 3xZ
ROUND 29: Barbie of Swan Lake in Purple Jacket and Light Blue Shirt | hajirah4
ROUND 30: Liana in Pink Dress | nmdis
Round 21-30 Winner: Genevieve in White Gown | 3xZ
ROUND 31: Keira in Long Purple Gown | Sirea
ROUND 32: Kylie in Purple and Green Bikini | BarbieWonders
ROUND 33: Kristyn in Giselle's Pink and Blue Tutu | MirandaAlivia
ROUND 34: Delancy in Her Own-Made Purple School Uniform | Sirea
ROUND 35: Lydia in Her Red Dress | Sirea
ROUND 36: Shyne in Magenta Outfit | MirandaAlivia
ROUND 37: Dahlia in Green Outfit | MirandaAlivia
ROUND 38: Teresa in Blue Fashion Fairytale Outfit | LightningRed
ROUND 39: Willa in Purple Outfit | nmdis
ROUND 40: Hadley in Purple-and-White-Striped Bikini | LightningRed
Round 31-40 Winner: Kylie in Red and Blue Bikini | BarbieWonders
ROUND 41: Rapunzel in Lilac, Pink, and Cream Gown | LightningRed
ROUND 42: Viveca in Long Purple Gown with Mask | Sirea
ROUND 43: Brietta in Pink Dress | shafiqua
ROUND 44: Barbie of Fashion Fairytale in Pink "Princess and...own | MirandaAlivia
ROUND 45: Crystal in Green and Purple Dress | Sirea
ROUND 46: Catherine in Pink Dress | LightningRed
ROUND 47: Catania in Short Purple and Pink Dress | 3xZ
ROUND 48: Henna in Short Purple Dress | LightningRed
ROUND 49: Erika in Peach Bathrobe | Firiel
ROUND 50: Rosella in White Island Outfit | MirandaAlivia
Round 41-50 Winner: Catania in Light Blue Dress | 3xZ
ROUND 51: The Enchantress in Blue and Yellow Gown | Sirea
ROUND 52: Talayla in Blue and Pink Dress | Sirea
ROUND 53: Kristyn in Fuchsia Pink Ballet Tutu | Sirea
ROUND 54: Lumina in Pink Bikini and Blue and Pink Tail | MirandaAlivia
ROUND 55: Rayla in Blue Dress

Here is the picture: Barbie in a Fairy Secret Fuchsia Gown (deadline July 11, 2014)

Have fun!
 Hello Barbie fans! I make a fashion and make-up contest for Barbie and other characters. u may chan
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Wait LightningRed, actually nmdis already continued your contest, since your old account was suspended. Here it is: link
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