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RomyMermaid posted on Jan 11, 2015 at 10:19PM
If you could be any BM character, who would you choose? Write their name and add a picture if you want. I will pick the most popular choices and create a poll with those results. Have fun!
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een jaar geleden NoriFairy said…
I would be Nori.
last edited een jaar geleden
 I would be Nori.
een jaar geleden coolsinger198 said…
i would be Erika form the Princess and the Pauper or Annalise.
een jaar geleden nmdis said…
Blair or Alexa probably.
een jaar geleden pinkydoll said…
I would be Barbie(DC) or kiera
een jaar geleden Elinafairy said…
Liana or Catania or Corinne