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This Barbie films foto might contain boeket, corsage, ruikertje, bouquet, posy, japanse abrikoos, mei, and prunus mume.

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Chapter One....
(from the POV of Mistress Emmeline Tister, governess of Princess Destina.)
It was a very cold night, and I have finished teaching Princess Destina. She was called to have avondeten, diner with her parents and grandmother. Her Highness rarely visited the Dertys kasteel and she normally lives in Mareonne. I am going to the dining room to receive news from the Queen.

I saw the large door open before me and a servant was saying "Come in" so unfathomably that it seemed that he was not a human at all. I entered the large dining room, seeing Queen Daniella and Queen Rosella before me. Queen Rosella seemed to look on a combination of terrified and agitated. I did not understand why until later.

-To Be Continued
All credit from Barbie Princess Movie Thailand YouTube Channel
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(scene changes)
Tori- hallo Keira!
Keira- Hi!! Tori I am gonna leave Meribella door this maand so will u help me pack?
Tori- of course, but why are u leaving so soon, I mean isn't it too early to leave.
Keira- I don't feel like to leave Meribella esspecially u but I have to. Other places are waiting for my show.
Tori- I completely understand...
(scene changes)
Saneffa- Yeahh, here we are . Don't u like my cave.
Mother- Your... What??a cave?? Is this the place your gonna open your school?
Saneffa- Did I tell u I'm opening a school?OOOHHHH.......poor brains I forgot about it and i don't remember...
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