Barbie films Who is your favoriete couple?

Pick one:
Clara & Erik
Rapunzel & Stephen
Odette & Daniel
Annaliese & Julian
Erika & Dominic
Genevieve & Derick
Elina & Linden
Rosella & Antonio
all of them
all of them
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Clara& amp; Erik | Genevieve& amp; Derek | Rosella& amp; Antonio
Clara&Erik | Genevieve&Derek | Rosella&Antonio
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where&# 39; s rosella and antonio from?
where's rosella and antonio from?
i no this isnt a barbie movie couple but BELLA AND EDWARD!!!!
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Corinne and Prince Louis
Corinne and Prince Louis
kevin and barbie (barbie diaries)
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Julian and Annaliese || Erika and Dominck
Julian and Annaliese || Erika and Dominck
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ken and barbie (barbie in a fashion fairytale)
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Annika and Aidan
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mariposa and carlos
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