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 Batman (1989)
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Directed door Tim Burton.
michael keaton
jack nicholson
kim bassinger
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Joaquin Phoenix who was spotted in full clown makeup as he filmed scenes for the new Batman Origins film.
the joker
joaquin phoenix
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Batman has been the ster of various shows and films. In addition to that Batman has been played door several different actors. This lijst is about my ranking of the live action versions of Batman.

8. George Clooney (Batman and Robin)

Despite how hated the film was I think it's lots of fun. However I'm not a fan of George Clooney's Batman. Since the film was a odd mix of action and comedy it was hard for Mr. Clooney to play Batman well. A lot of critics think that Mr. Clooney wasn't enjoying his role in the film which I agree with. Thankfully he's very kind about it and has even zei he was sorry...
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I must admit -- as one of Dark Knight's biggest fans I'm surprised so many people like it. I am. This should only be something me and a few people obsess about. I've always been amazed and skeptical that people would turn Batman into a movie, even the Michael Keaton one. Yeah it's huge and populair and old but...Batman in the comics is the only way to really see why he qualifies as an action character. Six frames in different juxtaposed locations when he's fighting ninjas and gangsters and stuff. What u do is look at each frame one door one. In your head u don't just have Batman -- u have a kung-fu movie. On screen the fighting simply doesn't look that good once you've seen him in this format. Oh nothing on Earth can compare with Batman whether on screen of not, but I'm suprised so many people didn't say "what the f? this isn't exciting" whenever he fought. AM I OUT OF MY MIND SAYING THAT?
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