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Synopsis: Dr. Harleen Quinzel conducts a psychiatric evaluation of The Joker, but the tables are soon turned as The Joker slowly exposes the festering wound of Harleen's home pagina life with her abusive gang-member boyfriend, Mike.
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It was a stony cold night in Gothem and bruce had just come to his mansion when he saw blood on the floor leading to the kitchen. He followed the trail until, it turned into footprints he stopped and saw a dead security guard laying on the ground.No later then a minuut he decided to look at security tapes it showed someone hacking in the security and then breaking through the window but he couldn`t makeout who it was. the person started to gigle. Then lauphing harder then ever.That moment bruce knew exactly who it was.Joker, a security guard came in the exact same security guard that bruce...
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