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Carlisle: (snoring)

Esme: Wake up!

Carlisle: I was making fake snore.

Esme: Oh....

Carlisle: thought I was asleep?

Esme:Kinda of.

Carlisle: Mmm....

Esme: I'm bored.

Carlisle: Not me. It was kinda fun to make fake snore.

Esme: No, it bothers me.

Carlisle: Oh just try it.

Esme: Okay...(snoring)

Carlisle: Like it?

Esme: YES! (snoring) It was fun!

Carlisle: Shh...Bella's sleeping.

Bella: Haha nope.

Carlisle: WHAT?!

Bella: Edward wanted to watch u both so we came here to watch.

Esme: Oh that's sweet.


Edward: Sorry.

Bella: (snoring) (giggle)

Carlisle: Bella asleep?...
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Esme: So Carlisle, hunnybunchsugarpiebubblegumyumyumbabyhuggybear,
as I was saying, i really think that Rosalie should dye her hair red.

Carlisle: And why is that Esme, myonetruelovesentfromheaventosavemefromthepitsofhellinearth?

Esme: Cz i zei so. *holds knife*


Bella: *sits between them* i thought u couldn't kill a vampire with a knife.

Esme: *hides knife* what knife? do u see any knives here muffincakes? *glares at muffincakes, ahem, Carlisle*

Bella: you're very forgetful Esme. The one u hid just now, silly silly Esme *shakes head. Look! Edward's gracefully skipping...
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Carlisle: Hello Miss.Swan.

Bella: Oh hello...I didn't notice u there.

Carlisle: Oh that's okay.

Bella: Were u running?

Carlisle: Maybe. I thought I heard noises.

Bella: Sorry about that I just needed to go to the bathroom.


Bella: Yeah...sorry. I'll see u in morning.

Carlisle:...yes dear.

Bella: Good night. I hope u will get any sleep.

Carlisle: Well thank you. I don't know if I would get any sleep in cause I am vampire. u already know that. Right?

Bella: What? You're vampire too?!

Carlisle: Didn't Edward tell you? Oh no...

Bella: Haha that's okay I already know. I am just...
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O.k. i just want to see what others think about the lullaby, i think its o.k, but it was supposed to be sweeter in my mind, but i might be thinking way off, dont get me wrong, i love it, and it does make it sound like edward is destressed about this whole situation, but it is made to help bella fall asleep. Maybe it will sound sweeter in the movie, of maybe when he sings her to sleep with it, that should be a good scene. i dont know, i just want to see what u guys think about it.

please reply
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