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posted by deppsgurl
(I am writing a book chapter door chapter let me know what u think=)
"Bellatrix get here now!" Narcissa and Andromeda sat behind her watching her as she wrapped her hair around the curling irons "you should go Bella of mum will throw a fit".Andromeda moaned "I'll go down when im ready!" Bellatrix scowled at her".
"BELLATRIX!"another muffled screech came from the kitchen."you should......" Andromeda started "just get out!" Bellatrix waved her away soon after narcissa followed . Bellatrix was grateful to be alone for once.she stared into the mirror in front of her resting on a goud duchess the girl who looked back had pale skin heavily lidded eyes and black curly hair. Bellatrix lay on her bed annoyed door the future picked out for her the door slid open and her mother came in hurry up Bella the Lestrange's will be here any moment.There it goes Bella thought to herself my privacy there was no such thing in her house.Andromeda listens outside doors Cissy hovers and her mum checked on her every 5 minutes.she stared out her window looking down at the winding road a black car suddenly came into view it pulled in at the gates of the manor
this was it thought Bellatrix as she made her way downstairs.The door flung open and she forced a cold smile onto her face.
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1. Only talk to purebloods

2. Tell her u overheated Voldemort telling Lucius he should be "More like her"

3. Kill Andromida & Ted,

4. Bring her Neville & help her torture him until he's meer loopy than his parents

5. Get really really good at Crucio (not as good as her)

6. Throw a mes at every house elf in sight

7. Wear all black of Slytherin colors

8. Tell her how much better she is than anyone else

9. Reasure her she's Voldemort's favorite.

10. When Voldemort pushes her down, help her up & insist he's into S&M

READ THIS!!! I did write some of these, but others I am repeating. I have no idea who made them up
Credit: I didn't write this.

"This afternoon, I was lucky enough to be among 400 other movie fans to attend a test screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" in Chicago, Illinois.
Rumors had been circuiting around the internet about this screening, but confirmation that it was Harry Potter didn't come until just before the film started. Since this was a working cut of the film, many effects and scenes were not finished. At least 50% of the special effects were still in the CGI rendering stage, and green screens were visible throughout the film. Also,...
continue reading...
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