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slytherin360 posted on Sep 24, 2007 at 07:12AM
What are some of your favorite Bellatrix "moments" in the books or movies?

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een jaar geleden doctor_banana said…
I like it in the film when she says: 'He know how to play!'
een jaar geleden slytherin360 said…

"Hows mum and dad?"

"Avada Kedavra!!, oh its just a fox"

"Cissy you wouldnt, not your own sister"

*singing** "I killed sirius black! hahahhahaaaa"

"Never used an unforgivable have you? You need to MEan them!Potter"

"The dark lord.. i believe....... is mistaken."

"My lord, it is an honour to have you here in our familys house. there can be no higher pleasure"

"STOP do not touch it. we shall all perish if the dark lord comes now!"

"What will happen to your children when ive killed you? When mummy's gone the same way as freddie?!"

Haha yupp those r quotes from the books and movies. Lol i had to go through the books to find quotes. :)
een jaar geleden doctor_banana said…
Hehe, I love all those quotes! I love it when she cackles too and when she says: CRUCIO!
een jaar geleden chibi_bellatrix said…
I love all those quotes too but I have to ask, did Bella kill Fred since she's sort of implying it?

But yeah, "How's mum and dad" from the movie was awesome and the singing, I killed SIrius wa sawesome too...:P

Bella rules...

een jaar geleden slytherin360 said…
no she didnt kill fred. remember the part where fred is dueling and then fred says something like "haha percy you finally made a joke" and then the wall explodes and kills fred. fred died in the explosion of the wall
een jaar geleden bellatrix_ said…
no fred was murdered by rookwood because right after e dies percy goes "ROOKWOOD" he might have been the cause of the exploding wall though...way to go rookwood!
een jaar geleden Rainbeau said…
"I don't trust you Snape as you very well know"

for some reason I like that quote :) The whole conversation to be honest, she's so passionate she barely notices Snape only having fun/ being sardonic

"Avada Kedavra!!, oh just a fox... I thought perhaps..."

*singing** "I killed sirius black! hahahhahaaaa"

"You lost your authority when you lost your wand"

Just brilliant that one!
Actually I like all her quotes but this are the best ;)

een jaar geleden Rainbeau said…
Some other quotes I like:

"Gold! Take your gold, filthy scavenger, what do I want with gold? I seek only the honour of his - of-"

"If she dies under questioning I'll take you next, bloodtraitor is next to mudblood in my book"

"A copy? Oh a likely story!"

Yeah indeed, I did read book seven again ;) Actually I do like a lot of quotes already posted by Slytherin360, but if I repeat it all, we'll be reading the same thing over and over again
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een jaar geleden helenabella19 said…
I love all of them from the fifth movie
een jaar geleden helena-gal said…
i luv all of spinners end in the 6th book!!!!!!!!!!!!
een jaar geleden BellatrixCissy said…
"When Muummy gone the same way as Freddie?" i can hear her saying that like when she sung "I killed Sirius Black!"
een jaar geleden DeathEater224 said…
"haha he knows how to play, itty bitty baby..POTTER"

"Nevile Longbotom, hows mum and dad?"

"What will happen to your children when ive killed you? When mummy's gone the same way as freddie?!"

I've killed Sirus Black hahah are you going to get me?!"

"Sorry Dumbledore we'd love to stay and chat but were on a tight schedule"

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een jaar geleden BellatrixBlack9 said…
I agree with sltherin360!!!! Bella is awesome!! were pure bloods- because were better than u!!!
een jaar geleden Twilightfan277 said…
now he knows how to play! itty bitty baby..POTTER

i loved it when she went skipping away singing "I KILLED SERIOUSLY BLACK HAHAHAHAH"

that was totally epic those 2 quotes
een jaar geleden DracoFanGirl said…
"Hagrid? Hello?" Love how she says it. Sounds insane.
"Now he knows how to play!"
een jaar geleden LadyL68 said…
"I killed Sirius Black I killed Sirius Black!!!!!! U comming 2 get me?????" I actually made that my ringtone on my phone lol :-)
een jaar geleden sleazy_weasley said…
@LadyL68: Awe-inspiring. I am considering doing the same. :)

'I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK!' *cackles* is my tagline ...
'What will happen to your children when I've killed you? When mommy's gone the same way as Freddy?' *cackles madly* *dies* (Hello, I cried when this happened). :(
'How dare you, you dirty little monkey?!' (To Dobby). :D
een jaar geleden TeamSiriusBlack said…
When she laughs and says you dirty little monkey to Dobby.
een jaar geleden ginny_potter_97 said…
"neivel longbottom is it. how mum and dad?"

"you dare speak his name. You dirty hald blood"

"he knows how to play itiy bity baby potter"
een jaar geleden Lord-Voldemort said…
The Dark Lord shall rise again! Throw us into Azkaban! We will wait.
een jaar geleden ginnyweasleyfan said…
"Avada Kedavra!!, oh its just a fox"

*singing** "I killed sirius black! hahahhahaaaa"

"Never used an unforgivable have you? You need to MEAN them!Potter"

"The dark lord.. i believe....... is mistaken."

"What will happen to your children when ive killed you? When mummy's gone the same way as freddie?!"
een jaar geleden Luna--Lovegood said…
Bella is epic!

This isnt really a quote, but I love it when during the Spinners End scene in the HBP movie, and Snape tells her to quit fooling around with his stuff ("Put it down, Bella, we mustn't touch what isn't ours"),
and she slams it down and holds up her hands and makes that face, XD
een jaar geleden xxLovettxx said…
For me it has to be in the Deathly Hallows (Part 1)

Bellatrix: "You could have killed me!"
Dobby: "dobby didn't mean to kill, dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure.”
I guess thats more of a Dobby quote but the main thing is that it had Bellatrix as part of it!? XD
een jaar geleden zanhar1 said…
^ I loved that part lol.

"My lord I'd like to voulnter myself for the task"
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een jaar geleden Belatri said…
My favorite is when she's teasing harry.

"I killed Serius Black! I killed Serius Black! Are you coming to get me?!"

I said somthing similar to my cosin kind of hysterically and now my nick name of the family is Bella. And to make it better it's thanks giving so now everyone knows.So really funny relation to this phrase.
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een jaar geleden HPSnitch said…
Favorite From Deathly Hallows before she tortures Hermione.

"Let's have a chat GIRL to GIRL!"

ohhh and in Half-Blood Prince when Dumbledore says "ahh Bellatrix, I believe introductions are in order" then she says "Love to Albus, but we are on a TIGHT SCHEDULE!"

hahaha love Bella
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een jaar geleden nymph_tonks said…
een jaar geleden willandemma4eva said…
"Avada Kedavra!!, oh its just a fox"

What book is that in I dont remember.
een jaar geleden cedric11 said…
my fav part is when she says ''YOU FILTHY HALFBLOOD its such a funny comment.
een jaar geleden Perfidia said…
"...bloodtraitor is next to mudblood in my book"


"Hows mum and dad?"
een jaar geleden MsEsmeBlack said…
Quotes? Hard to choose but probably
You filthy little monkey!
I killed Sirius Black!!
Hagrid!? Hello?? (When she burnt the hut) But my favriote general MOMENT was when she was running down the tables in the great hall, and blowing stuff up
een jaar geleden MeMeGurl1995 said…
big smile
When she.saw that guy had the sword and she said "Where did you get that from?"and when that chandalier fell and she screamed!
een jaar geleden jhakanaka420 said…
i love the way how "the greatest (then)living wizard" albus dumbledore doesn't want to get killed by Bellatrix Lestrange saying
"or dear Bellatrix,who plays with her food before she eats them?"

or harry when she gets frightened hearing just the voice of her thinking...she is a witch of prodigious skill and no conscience
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een jaar geleden LobeliaBlack said…
I loved when she was taunting molly saying "What's going to happen to your children when i've killed you? When mummy's gone the same way as freddie?" and also "I killed Sirus Black!" lastly "Cissy put the boys into the cellar I'm going to have a talk with this one girl to girl!" sadly my mom says that and its scary
een jaar geleden pottershotter22 said…
"I killed sirius black."
"He knows how to play itty bitty baby,Potter."
"My lord i would like to volenter myself for this task,I wan't to kill the boy." bellatrix is awesome
 "I killed sirius black." "He knows how to play itty bitty baby,Potter." "My lord i would like to
een jaar geleden DaphneUndomiel said…
My favorite quote is in the Half-Blood Prince when Bellatrix says: "Love to Albus, but we're on a bit of a 'tight schedule'." The way she says "tight schedule", is just soo Bella!!