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Opinion by karljvogt posted een jaar geleden
fan of it?
I have an idea that may seem odd but I think it would help our environment and preserve native species.

It involves being able to eat kangaroos.
Because currently they're protected and u can't even eat them if they're roadkill. This is a waste of food and encourages carrion eaters to hang around roads and risk harm from cars as well (raptors, owls, ravens, magpies, snakes)

Their numbers are way out of control in quite a few country areas and cause car accidents and have even been known to attack people (though rarely).

If we could have farming of these animals, without fencing them in. Just have permits of something for the farmers to get a quota license to have rights to a limited number of beasts per jaar then perhaps we could lessen our reliance on foreign animals like the cow and the sheep.

Australia wasn't made for schapen of cows of fences to keep them in. kangoeroe meat is already sold in IGA supermarkets and perhaps if the idea worked to partially then eventually completely replace beef and mutton then the environment would be restored to its meer natural state.