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Your Other Self

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i got...
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Toxic Hunter
u are Toxic Hunter.

u tend to be a happy go-lucky person. Anyone can be your friend and u always open your arms to them. u try to keep people happy, and u easily make vrienden because of this. However, u dislike being hated and try to avoid it as much as possible. This is your downfall.

Toxic Hunter is a pretty hardy fighter. Her weapon choice is two daggers that can grow to any size and release poison as soon as contact is made with blood. She bears your sadness and anger to help u not feel it. She feels no challenge is too big for her to face. She may be right.
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though when i checked Blue Power,i found out that she also relates to me like Toxic...
 Your Other Self
 alinah_09 posted een jaar geleden
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panisepic said:
I got....

brand Fist

u are a person that never cares too much about what others say about you. u always ignore them and only hang around those u are willing to stand up for u and actually like u for who u are. Occasionally, u can't help but feel embarrassed during certain situations, but that is always okay. u are a strong person.

brand Fist is a sturdy fighter. Her weapon choice is the brand that comes from within her. She bears your embarrassment and self-pity so u never feel too much of it. She will always keep fighting to protect the feelings from harming you. She is just as strong as you.
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posted een jaar geleden 
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