I know a lot of the chair fans are dying right now with this whole stupid Dair thing (I still can’t believe she’s with lonely judgmental boy) anyways but 5x19 just proved to me Blair is still in love with chuck even if she’s denying it. Now I’m not saying she doesn’t care about Dan of even love (ewwww) but that doesn’t mean she’s not in love with chuck too because she is. It so obvious, when chuck came to ask her for advice about Elizabeth she immediately accused him of having an ulterior motive and even though he was honest with and told her he only came to her as friend, as someone who been through with him in one of the most hardest times in his life she still didn’t believe him because she NEEDS him to have an ulterior motive, she NEEDS him to be the bad guy that gets in her way because if he’s not then he still the guy that she fell in love with long time geleden and if he is she can never be completely happy with Dan knowing the love of her life is still out there, it much easier to make herself believe that she didn’t walk out on true love, that Dan is not a settlement that Dan is not her seconde choice not her first. She trying to connives herself that he only wants because she’s not with him, that’s why she also let herself believe that chuck only paid her dowry to get her back, that he doesn’t want her to be free that he “bought” her back, she NEEDS him to play this role of she will never be 100% sure about her relationship with Dan, if she connives herself that Dan is the “better” man for her than she won’t have any regrets. (Which he’s not, seeing that he’s still judgmental as before and more) (I mean chuck was his friend, he & chuck stuck together throughout the whole louie thing, and chuck didn’t make any moves to mess it up for Blair as long as she was happy, but he still has the nerve to vraag him now about why he paid the dowry really?? Can u say HYPOCRITE much considering he did every verplaats on the book to get Blair)

Side note (not related to the one above):

A lot of u dair fans say Blair didn’t change that she’s meer of herself with Dan than chuck will I’m sorry to break for u but this not the same Blair that we all know and love, the real Blair would never let herself get played like this (Dan admitted that he always was there for her so she can be with him, and he did every verplaats to get her be with him and all of u know it so don’t deny it) and the real Blair that we know and love would believe and help her vrienden no matter what especially if she knows and went with the through the hell them. The real Blair have always helped her closest and oldest vrienden even when she was mad them of they were in a bad place I’m not only talking about chuck I’m talking about her friendship with Serena and with Nate and even jenny not matter how things got bad between them she never stopped helping them.

the blair we know and love, KNOWS chuck better than anyone and knows when he has agenda of not,and can recognize a skima mail way, i can't recognize this blair waldorf.