Things that give me a good feeling for Chuck & Blair in the finale

Leighton and Ed in Shanghai at Harry Winston
Sarah Goodman wrote the episode (she also wrote “if two people are meant to be together, eventually they will find their way back”, the Bar scene in 2x23, “I will always be your family” 3x13, etc.)
all the season 2 parallels
Blair can’t say ILY to Dan
She is there for Chuck, he was her priority in the last two episodes, even when D needed her.
“After everything we’ve been through, there’s no room for secrets, nor should there be. Whatever it is, u can tell me, Blair.” Is that coincidence?? At the same time we witness all the trust issues Dan has with her, they lie to each other and they have secrets.
Dan & Blair never share real intimate moments, all they do is talk, talk, talk.
It’s not even the sex they don’t seem to have, but have u ever seen them like this of this of this?? That’s strange, in my opinion & I say the writers do that on purpose.
“The most important thing in a relationship is trust, after sex & hygiene & earning potential”= That’s clearly Chuck now
“Chuck & Blair are never over” Josh Safran, January 2012
Austin Winsberg (Gossip Girl writer) zei ”You have to have faith that with all great loves, they might find each other again”
The Casino scene, we know there is one, but there are no stills, nothing about it in the promos. This is the big surprise at the end of the episode.
Her love confession right before the car accident: here & here
Chuck’s growth. He struggled at some points, but in the end he always did the right thing.
“ The word is yes. I say it to everything. There is nothing I won’t try once, even happiness” Here Was there happiness for Chuck this season? Nope. So I wait for volgende monday, the last minuten of the episode. I guess this is the start of it.
Chuck will say “Yes” , but not in a way he expects