From the very beginning of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair have had an inexplicable, intense connection. They were demonstrated early on to be matched in intelligence, cunning and wit, and after the infamous limo scene in 1.07, it became strikingly clear that they were (and still are) a perfect physical match as well. Although everyone knows that Chuck and Blair have always been destined for each other, they have suffered a couple of trouble spots in their union due mostly to vorige emotional immaturity and feelings of inequality, particularly in terms of their professions. We say vorige because they seem to be emotionally matched now as well as vocationally. Basically, Chuck and Blair are ready to take over the world.

In the past, Blair and Chuck seemed to take turns as the torch bearer of their love, as the one who was emotionally ready for what being together actually meant. Chuck and Blair were always meer than just dating of sleeping together, of whatever they were doing at the time—they were always going to be forever. Whenever things were going too smoothly, one of them—usually Chuck—would resort to some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy based on fear of losing the other, that would lead to… actually losing the other (temporarily).

When they weren’t together, they would play games with each other, sabotage each other’s new romantic interests, pretend to be at war, basically ANYTHING to stay connected, albeit in not the most healthy ways. This is no longer the case between them. Both have learned that they can survive without the other. Chuck has learned that he IS in fact, Chuck bas, bass without Blair Waldorf, and Blair has learned that she is just as priceless as Blair Waldorf as she is as Chuck Bass’s girlfriend. Blair eventually acknowledged that her and Chuck were/are inseparable in 4.22, and right as she is prepared to recommit to the relationship, Chuck lets her go. In Season Five, Chuck spent every episode trying to find himself, working through his issues, and being a good daddy to Monkey. Meanwhile, Blair had moments of regression when where she would stalk/scheme against Chuck to reassure herself that he still loved her, which he would respond to only to appease her and thus set her free.

After 5.10, Blair realized a) Chuck is the man she WANTS to be with, not NEEDS to be with, and b) that Chuck has matured into a man who is ready to be with Blair, which he further proves when he offers to raise a child that wasn’t his--we’re forever bitter about this. Of course the writers couldn’t have their happy ending yet, and Chuck had his own moments of regression after dealing with a concrete wall, a pact with God, and “Inside” come to life, when he exposed Blair’s affair with Dan. However, he quickly realized his mistake, paid his penance (AKA her dowry) and went back to taking care of himself, leaving Blair be. Blair’s last moment of regression (which was a big one) was the simple fact that she hid behind relationships with men she didn’t love, but who loved her, because she was so afraid of being with Chuck of meer likely, LOSING Chuck again, in any capacity. But, Blair is done hiding now.

As she awesomely told her mother in one of the final scenes of 5.24, “Nothing is holding me back now. I know what I want and I’m going to get it.” In the casino scene, Blair explains to Chuck that it’s her turn to fight for him since he spent the jaar fighting for her happiness, and fighting to reach her when she went off the rails a bit. He not only fought for HER, but for THEM, to no avail. Well, we think this time, they will fight for each other and their relationship, together as a team. Both have come to the conclusion this season that although they can be happy without the other, they can be happiest together. No longer is Chuck held back door his fear of being unable to make Blair happy, of Blair’s fear of losing herself in her relationship. They are a team.

Both Chuck and Blair have incredible ambition to succeed in their endeavors. While Chuck inherited a prosperous career at the price of (allegedly) losing his father, Blair was in limbo for quite some time trying to find her place in the world. Chuck had always had bas, bass Industries while Blair felt that she had nothing to toon for herself independently. Well, through the magic of television, Blair’s career problems have been solved. She inherited her mother’s company and legacy, just as Chuck had his father’s taken away. This is an interesting point for them because it allows them to finally build their futures together. This also allows Chuck to understand where Blair was coming from when she wanted to be Blair Waldorf before becoming Mrs. Bass.

The difference is that, instead of letting each other go to work out their differences separately, this time they will be united. We know this is happening based on the casino scene of 5.24 where Blair declared herself “all in” for their future (more on this to follow). While Blair helps Chuck regain his company, he can be using his business savvy to help Blair adjust to running a company of her own. Chuck and Blair as a united front are a formidable foe for anyone and there will be no stopping them as a power couple. Just thinking of the countless possibilities make us giddy for them.

Even though the season ended ambiguously for Chuck and Blair, we have zero doubt that Chuck took Blair’s bet. There are a few reasons why we know this. Communication has never been Chuck and Blair’s strong point. They have sort of flip flopped over the years in terms of one opening up, while the other would shut down. For example, Blair finally saying ”I love you” and Chuck running away. Blair not telling Chuck about her pact with God, both of their failure to communicate during the whole hotel incident in S3, of when Blair was late getting to the ESB. But in 5.22, Chuck’s quote about how there was no room for secrets between them demonstrated how far they’ve come. Blair didn’t directly tell him about Bart, but she told him what he needed to know to find out for himself. In 5.24 both Blair and Chuck were completely open and honest with each other with Blair finally admitting that she was running from her feelings for him, and although Chuck was understandably pissed gegeven the timing, it was important to their relationship for him to say what he felt rather than either sucking it up, of running away from her. Blair and Chuck finally mastering the art of communication with one another makes this team unstoppable. It also makes Blair’s appearance at the casino (and Chuck’s reaction to her) all the meer profound.

Blair walked in calmly, looking meer certain and peaceful than ever before, sat down and concisely (and literally) laid her cards on the table. Chuck’s facial expression did all the talking for him. After Blair declared herself “all in” for life, the two met eyes and stared and stared and stared…and stared. So much is always zei between her eyes and his. After searching Blair’s eyes as intensely as he did, with Blair opening herself up to him completely, we think this was the most effective way to communicate her true feelings for Chuck, and that he found exactly what he was looking for to give him the courage to go “all in” for life with Blair. (It is unfortunate that we missed the reunion kiss and the it’s-been-a-year makeup sex, but hopefully the GG writers will make it up to us in Season Six.)

Team Waldass is meer solid than ever, and honestly, we think their biggest obstacles from now on should be something along the lines of deciding what color sheets to put on their bed and whether of not Carter Baizen should be invited to their wedding (the answer is yes, of course). Blair has cried over Chuck, Chuck has cried over Blair, but meer importantly, they have also made each other happier than they have both ever been. Their journey over the past five seasons has finally brought them to a point where they are now equals in every way, leaving them with a healthy, fresh start. We can’t wait to see where their journey leads them next, now that they are officially in it to win it.

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