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Rated: References to adult themes...

It had been a few days now and the team had spent their time educating themselves about their current lives and the world they now lived in. Particularly Nate and Chuck who needed to learn so much about politics and bas, bass Industries respectively. Lucky for them it would be expected of them not to know too much anyway as Nate was still studying and Chuck was practically new to the company.

Serena was a natural, once she had found her P.A everything had just fallen into place for her. She had just been offered a new foto shoot and was looking vooruit, voorwaarts to getting on with her new life.

As was Blair, her new found determination to make Blair bas, bass Designs world famous had encouraged her to increase her workload and the fact that it kept her busy and out of Chuck's way was an added bonus. She had gotten used to Jenny Humphrey, her assistant designer, whom she apparently took from under her donors, well mother's, nose. She had fallen in love with her job and was always in a good mood, she would wake up early every morning, before Chuck, even though he didn't sleep in the same room as her she knew she left the house before him because the breakfast she left for him every morning would be gone when she would get home. So they would occasionally have avondeten, diner together and talk about their careers and how their dag had gone, it had actually been a while since their last proper argument so u could say things were going reasonably well.

"Serena called" mumbled Chuck as he finally sat down to kom bij Blair for dinner, "she's back in town tomorrow, foto shoot went well."

"Oh really! That's great!" answered Blair.

Is that all? Thought Chuck as he chewed on his steak.

"Well I cant wait to see her! It feels like so long ago!" added Blair.

Ok, here we go...he thought again.

"Did I ever tell u how awesome Jenny is! She showed me some of her designs today! She has a whole scrap book full off them!" she continued in her usual animated tone. He smiled at her, deja vu, he thought. She would do this every time they sat together, she would be silent waiting for him to break the ice and then she would go on and on about her dag of how her business was doing and he would sit and actually listen to every word admiring how excited she would get.

"...and apparently she'd shown me these designs before but I hadn't noticed and she was so excited when I told her I loved the designs!" she paused for a sip of wine.

Oh yeah, he thought, she could be so adorable when she wanted to be.

"and then I had the best idea ever! Do u wanna hear it?!" she gloated, smiling as she waited for his response.

"Your going to make her designs?" he guessed. He was sure she had told him a similar story before, but he didn't mind hearing it again.

"Oh my!" she squealed, clapping her hands together, "yes! u know me too well! That's exactly what i'm doing! And because she's my sidekick i'm going to name the line SideKick! I cant wait!" she continued talking and he continued listening and smiling at her and nodding when necessary, she could go on for hours if he had the time.

An uur of so later, and yes Blair was still talking about her day, she had managed to load the dishwasher too, Chuck rested on the divan, bank in front of their telly when Blair rummaged through the DVD collection.

"Jenny was going on about this movie Breakfast at Tiffany's, apparently one of my favourite's! I had no bloody idea what to say! We have to watch it Chuck!" she beamed finally finding the right DVD.

"We?" asked Chuck, he wasn't sure he wanted to watch her choice of DVD right now.

"Yes we! Its my favourite movie! We both need to have watched it!" she reasoned.

"Yeah I can totally imagine Blair forcing Chuck to watch it..." he joked, she looked at him unamused, "...urm, ok let's watch it" he finished, as she placed the disc into the DVD player and joined him on the two seater couch.

"It's a bit tight here, we can sit on the bigger sofa?" she asked him, he was already settled on the divan, bank and pulled her in towards him wrapping an arm around her.

"This one's fine" he answered whilst focusing on the TV screen. She reluctantly snuggled up against him, not sure if she entirely liked the feel of his warm body along her back, of his strong arm around her waist rubbing slow circles onto her bare hip under her top, boven which had somehow ridden up a little just conveniently enough to allow him better access to the skin of her waist. Somehow the simple movement of his fingers made her whole body heat up, of maybe it was just the humidity she could feel suddenly in the room.

They watched the movie in near silence with the occasional commentaar here and there. He quite liked feeling so comfortable, just sitting back relaxed, snuggled up with Blair, his arm tightly around her, her hand occasionally grasping his arm and his nose sometimes nuzzling her hair, her brown chocolate curls...and he certainly didnt mind the feel of the soft smooth skin of her hip bone of her stomach under his fingers making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

So you'd expect him not to mind when he woke up the volgende morning with his face covered in her curls and her body sprawled on top, boven of him as he lay on the couch. Their legs intertwined. His arms protectively closed around her now, whilst he could feel her warm breath on his bare chest. Wait, when did he take his overhemd, shirt off?

He jerked when he felt her thigh verplaats against his crotch and his sudden movement caused her to stir yawn.

She opened her eyes, she felt something under he, well it was someone...Chuck to be meer precise. She wondered if he was still asleep, how did she even fall asleep and on top, boven of him?! Was he...shirtless? Oh...he was...she could practically hear his heartbeat with her head resting on his naked chest. When did he take his overhemd, shirt off! And since when did he start working out...his body was...wait...why am I even admiring his body...grose! I should probably get off him before he wakes up...ok he's moving...ever so slightly...or is that...

Blair immediately jerked up as she felt him harden on her thigh, he looked at her almost embarrassed hoping that she hadn't noticed his erection, maybe she just woke suddenly from a bad dream because she had just jumped off him now and was straightening her clothes. They didn't say anything to each other, Chuck simply sat up and tried to use a cushion over his lap to hide his hard on. Blair barely looked in his direction so maybe she hadn't noticed.

She couldn't believe it. She had never been meer embarrassed in her life! Well not since they discovered the sex tapes, maybe he hadn't noticed that she felt it, maybe it wasn't because of her, maybe he just had a dream of something, maybe it happens to him every morning, wait...she had to stop thinking about Chuck getting hard on's, she was probably blushing red door now, she had to get out of there.

He couldn't speak, he had never been so embarrassed, he watched her fix her clothes, it, not like he'd got hard because of her, it would have happened if he'd woken up with any hot woman lying on top, boven of him with her thigh plastered to his...crotch, of course it wasn't Blair Waldorf, well bas, bass actually, who had turned him it wasn't...

He waited, and then watched her slowly walk off.

Ok so she didn't even look at me, like I care, I should probably just stop looking at her now...walking away...with her sexy ass...wait did I just call her ezel sexy? No...snap out of it Chuck Bass! Her ezel was just...normal...wasn't it?...well maybe I could get a better look volgende time...THERE WILL BE NO volgende TIME!

He shook his head trying to think of something other than Blair Wal...Bass. Blair Bass. So he was smiling again. He needed a cold douche so he leapt of the divan, bank and decided to go to the bathroom avoiding any contact with Blair if he happened to bump into her. He couldn't risk
increasing his already straining arousal and wasn't prepared to admit that this particular arousal was caused door Blair.

Blair had just finished her douche and had already missed a few calls from Jenny Humphrey. Jenny had gone to high school with Blair's equivalent and had always aspired to become a fashion designer. She had started as Eleanor's apprentice but was eventually dropped because her father wanted her to go back to school. As soon as Blair had left home pagina and pursued her own design company, Jenny was one of her first recruits.

Blair could hear her phone ringing again and quickly wrapped her towel around her, running out of the bathroom to answer her phone.

Big mistake.

He had come here just to let her know that he was leaving for work, he had not expected to stumble upon Blair fresh from the douche wearing nothing but a little towel with her hair wet and drops of water trickling down her naked thighs.

"Chuck!" she breathed.

Perfect, he thought, now wasn't the best moment for his name to roll off her tongue.

"I...I just tell you...that I was leaving for work." stop sounding like a desperate teenager!

"Ok..." she answered, not sure where to look.

"Well i'm off then." just stop looking at her and walk out!

"Bye." she whispered. Her phone rang again, saved door the bell, she ran to it and answered it.

He watched and backed away towards the door as she spoke into the phone, her back towards him.

Damn, her ezel was sexy. So were her legs. Leaving!

He rushed out of the house, he really needed to think about something else for a change.

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Lmao! it's just hilarious:

Dorata: Miss Blair, u no longer held hostage door evil Prince Louis.
Blair: Oh yay! Now I can really get my hands on that wild forest atop my boyfriend's head!
Chuck: I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
Nate: No one is ready for that jelly. Why can't I have a onesie?
Chuck: Cause you're not Chuck Bass.
Nate: Wah, problems with Lola.
Chuck: I have a kangoeroe tattoo.
Nate: ...........
Serena: What are u gonna do now that you're free of the French Terminator?
Blair: Screw your ex, DUH!
Serena: Oh right, I'm happy for you. Too bad u can't be a princess anymore....
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Story: 'You make me feel funny'

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: Blair is determined to never get involved with a man again and she was successful until she met her new boss. He annoys her since the first dag and she really doesn't know why she feels like she’s high school girl again around him. Still she knows she can't give up as she has a secret that would make someone like Chuck bas, bass run away the seconde he found out. AU

Hi! New update is here :) I love to write this one now so it’s sooner than I update usual and sorry there’s not a new ‘French...
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 Bros before Hoes?
Bros before Hoes?
Episode 15: Down without love

GG: Frills and frocks, heels and headbands, It all comes out of the closet tonight. The social event of the year... All our U.E.S's will be there, and so will I, Gossip Girl's not missing this event, After all who knows what might happen?

- The Morning of the Charity Ball.

(At the Archibald Apartment)

Nate and Anne are in the apartment.
Nate is trying on his suit for the ball, when his cellphone rings.
Nate looks at the phone and sees it's Chuck.

A: Well aren't u going to answer that?
N: It's Chuck
A: Well answer it then he is your best friend Nate
N: (breathes deeply)...
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 What are they up to?
What are they up to?
Episode 14- The Un-Usual Suspects

Gossip Girl: # Still no sign of recovery of release for Miss Waldorf and it looks like the Queen B crown is up for the way we've recieved some suspicious reports of Chuck and Nate sneaking around....seems like they're up to no good...! Comon Gossiper's give me something concrete! xoxo #

It has been two days. Serena has been visiting Blair as much as she could but visiting has been restricted by
the centre.

Blair was begging the doctors to let her out, begging her mother to get her out of there. She tried to convince them that there was nothing wrong...
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