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posted by edwestwick
Story: 'Impossible'

Author: Ana

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl.

Summary: Blair is determined to never get involved with a man again and she was successful until she met her new boss. He annoys her since the first dag and she really doesn't know why she feels like some high school girl around him. Still she knows she can't give up as she has a secret that would make someone like Chuck bas, bass run away the seconde he found out. AU

New story. I know I shouldn't start one but couldn't stop myself :) Promise to continue the other one as I'm not abandoning it door any means. Let...
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A.N Thank u so much for the lovely reviews u really have NO IDEA how much they mean to me! Recently ive been finding it really hard to write so reading the reviews is what keeps me writing.

I will be wrapping up tins story soon because I know most people just dont get the fic and dont like how AU it is...maybe it's because its not a traditional story line of the characters are really AU but I do try to make me fics unique and different because I get sick of reading the same things in fics so I only try to write to satisfy readers in the way that I think they would be satisfied, so sorry...
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 Romeao and Juliet.....only better!!!
Romeao and Juliet.....only better!!!
Episode 01- Jealousy has its Merits

Gossip Girl (Voice of Kristen Bell) #They say keep your vrienden close and enemies closer...but what happens when vrienden become enemies and enemies become friends? Welcome to the upper East side where even Mother Teresa is at risk of corruption. u know u love me #

In School Yard.
Blair sits with Serena.

Serena(S): So, have u seen chuck lately?
Blair(B): Chuck? why would i see him? no i haven't.
S: just, u and him seem kinda friendly.
B: Ugh! I don't think so! Chuck doesn't have any friends. He isn't capable of having a conversation that doesn't involve...
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 Where is the Bass?
Where is the Bass?
Episode 1: Back to the Bass

GG: Yes. It's that time of jaar again, When Gossip Girl goes crazy for gossip like she isn't always but yes it's Gossip Girl's birthday, but u know the only thing I want is a juicy story on one of our elite...Anyone wanna make Gossip Girl's dreams come true ?

At School.
Serena and Blair are sitting in the courtyard eating lunch.

S: So What happened the other night at Victrola
B: Nothing (looks down)
S: B?
B: Nothing I swear
S: (looks at Blair waiting for an answer)
B: If I give u Chuck Bass, A tone of booze and a Whore joint namly Victrola, draw your own conclusion S...
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 Party Time!
Party Time!
Chair Tales - S02E09- Groundhog Day

It's Serena and Dan's official Engagement Party.
Lily, Eric, Rufus, Jenny have been in New Haven for a couple of days.

At Serena's house the party preparations are in their final stages and it is early afternoon. Blair has been at the house helping out for almost an uur now. Serena had tried to get Blair to tell her the reason she came to her house a few nights geleden night but Blair keeps telling her it was nothing.

Chuck now arrives at the house, invited door Serena. Serena has told Chuck and Blair (separately) that she has a surprise for them.

B: So are u going...
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 Mrs bas, bass pregnant!
Mrs Bass pregnant!
A/N: im continuing from where i left off. there is no meer flashbacks in this one. so thats all i got to say

chuck was shocked, was she joking. he wouldnt mind if she was but in his mind it didnt seem real. he thought he was the luckiest person in the world, a beautiful wife and three gourgous children. he loved all his children and that would be the same for this one but he was so shocked he couldnt say anything.
blair had noticed how quiet chuck was and started to be a little freaked out.

B: hello... chuck...?
C: are u serious?
B: 100% i took...
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Sorry for the long get's in the way! Im graduating soon and then I need to find a job so im busy, busy, busy! Thank u for being so patient and for keeping with this fic! I really hope u like how it's going...

Also, after this chapter I wont be writing any meer smut(detailed sex scenes) from now on, firstly because I dont like writing it and I only did because I genuinely thought it was what readers would like to read because of the lack of Chair action on the show, but I have become sick of reading smut myself and I have realised through one of my other fics that readers...
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posted by Cas_Cat_2
All the Chair quotes from season 1. :) Because we love them. Can u pick just one? ;)

Episode 1.02 - The Wild Brunch

Chuck: I'm honoured to be playing even a small role in your deflowering.
Blair: You're disgusting.
Chuck: Yes, I am, so why be shy?

Episode 1.03 - Poison Ivy

Blair: You're heinous.
Chuck: Which is probably why u called.
Blair: u know me well.

Chuck: Admit it, even for me, this is good.
Blair: If u weren't such a perv, i'm sure the CIA would hire u in a second.
Chuck: Defending my country? There's a future I never imagined.
Blair: With good reason.

Chuck: It's a facility for the...
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posted by lozxtitchx
It was a week after Eleanor Waldorf's funeral and Blair seemed to be getting herself back to normal, bit door bit, step door step. Chuck was happy to see that Blair was smiling again even if she was still hurting on the inside, which it was obvious that she was. Blair was getting over her mother's death, even though it was taking time.

Blair and Chuck were sitting in the courtyard of Constance Billiard School and Chuck's hands were laying tenderley in Blair's. Blair was happy Chuck that he was there for he, she didn't know what she would have done if she had been on her own. ''How u feeling?''...
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This post is going to be somewhat of a challenge, but the Blairstans in us are compelled to write it anyway. Watching Blair this season has been similar to watching a train wreck of the movie “Sybil” but we love her regardless. We understand why some fans are mourning her and others don’t want anything to do with her, but we don’t think Blair should be written off. We think she has some good reasons for acting the way she is, and we refuse to believe she is lost to us.

Blame the writers.

Although the writers are unaware of the fact that we’re fighting of maybe they’re not, we...
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 did u not think bas, bass was an ezel B?!
did you not think bass was an ass B?!
hope u enjoy my latest installment of chuck and blair.
GG: it's morning again and it has been three weeks and still no sighs of our Dark Prince getting better. for our queen B it is a long wait dont worry B he'll be fine... but thats just my opinion.

At the hospital:

(Chuck has bruised ribs and had to get several stitches. he has been unconsious ever since the accident and the doctors say he can probably hear them. blair hasnt left his bedside unless a doctor of her mother forces her to leave.)

S(Serena): u need to come get something to eat...
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“I love you”

In the face of true love, u don’t just give up. 1.18

I was in love with Blair and I’m sorry. 1.18

I love u so much it consumes me. 2.25

I love u too. 2.25

I followed my hart-, hart because I love you. 3.22

I will always love you. 4.22

Blair chooses Chuck

1.18 She decides to be with him when she hears his speech.

2.25 After breaking up with Nate, she spends the whole episode trying to get him to say I love u and in the end gets together with him.

3.22 Throughout the whole episode she’s struggling with the choice, but in the end she goes to the Empire State Building,...
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 Who's that chick?
Who's that chick?
A/N: new chapter hope u like it. as always im going to ask u to review. thank you.

Gregory came home pagina from school. well he was acctually coming home pagina from the humphreys. rachel was still avoiding him. she and him had done the deed in the back of the limo, he had swiped her v-card. in a way he felt bad... who was he kidding he felt horrible. Rachel's virginty was speacial to her. she wanted to save it for someone speacial. he had asked her if she wanted to of not and she nodded her head so he couldnt understand why he felt sick. there was this...
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 chair + serenate
chair + serenate
this is sad because i really enjoyed writing these and now it is the end. this one is skipped vooruit, voorwaarts years so u see how the family is when they're older. enjoy and review. if u liked these u might like spark of passion found on the gossip girl fansite.

***12 years later***

chuck and blair are sitting in the living room doing work. chuck is laying out plans to open a new hotel and blair is working on expanding her store. 16 jaar old, victoria and 12 jaar old, gregory have just arrived home pagina from school. also 3 jaar old Madeline is sitting...
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 The Eve of Valentines
The Eve of Valentines
This is set after pret a poor j, so if u dont remember what happened in that episode refresh your memory before reading any further!

Gossip Girl here, and my my its valentines dag so love must be in the air right? of maybe not! Our Upper East Siders are a confused lot, i wonder if cupid will toon up and make some magic because my hart-, hart is just aching for some love! u Better Love Me xoxo xoxo

Its the dag before valentines dag and our Upper East Siders are arriving at school.
Blair is sitting with the girls when she is approached door chuck.

C: Ladies...i know u must be busy planning your latest...
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Wow. Just wow. Thinking back on our “In Defense of Blair Waldorf” post, this episode really didn’t help our case. Looks like Blair was a bit premature in saying she hit rock bottom in 5.19. NOW she has nowhere to go but up–please don’t consider that a challenge, GG Writers. What we saw in the newest episode was Blair at, quite possibly, the craziest point she has ever been. It seems that Claire Carlyle and Blair Waldorf are internally struggling to be the dominant persona, and the result is kind of a hot mess.

On the plus side, it’s good to see that the Waldorf in her is making...
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 Missing Daddy C?
Missing Daddy C?
Episode 7: Empire of the Son

GG: The bas, bass is dead, Long live Junior Bass. Yes, Our condolances go out to u Chuck. We hope your doing fine. But look on the bright side C, Your about to become the richest teen in New York City...It's not all bad.

At the busje, van der bas, bass Appartment.
Chuck is in his room, sitting on the window sil.
Blair enters.

B: Chuck? Sweetie
C: (doesn't reply)
B: How are you?
C: (No reply)
B: Okay, u just stay there, and I'll be here, When your ready to talk (Blair sits down)

(Silence for the volgende few minutes)

B: Are u talking...At the funeral?
C: What's there to say? (continues to...
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 Remembering Old Times?
Remembering Old Times?
Chair Tales S02E19- Honey, I Had The Kid!

Why did it have to come back to him? Maybe it was just his fate?
Just when he thought his life was on track his past had come back to haunt him. She had come back to haunt him.
He hadnt spoken to Serena since that dag at the cafe. Since he had hurt Blair's feelings, for the umpteenth time. He had a habit of doing that, of course he had never meant to hurt her but somehow he always did...they always hurt each other....out of habit.

He remembered their first fight in New Haven....

It was Blair's birthday.
Trust Chuck to forget! He knew when her birthday was,...
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posted by luvrgirl101
Blair braced herself as she walked through the tunnel to the airplane. She was breathing hard, really hard. Why was she flying commercial again. Oh right, she was flying commercial because Lord Marcus wanted to toon all of his people that he was just like them. Not only were they flying commercial, they were flying coach, ugh. She was probably going to get some sort of infectious disease.

At that very moment, she felt a warm, gentle hand on the small of her back, at first she somehow believed it was Chuck; he was the only one who had ever touched her like that. With so much care and gentleness,...
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1. Why is he promoting DB and ignoring Chuck and Blair?
Uh. Becuase the volgende 6 episodes are about DB, couple wise but of course not entirely. Because THEY are the ones in the relationship right now if nothing else. Not Chuck and Blair. But of course "Chuck and Blair ARE NEVER OVER and THEY have ALWAYS a CONNECTION".

Think of it this way: Expecting him to talk up Chair is equivalent to a Derena fan expecting Savage to talk about Derena right before the seconde half of S3. Of course she didn't. She talked about Danessa and Serenate because they were the stories right then. Serenate was GOLDEN...
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