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Evolution of Blaze the Cat in Sonic Games (2005-2017)

Blaze the cat Dreams of absolution

OMG!:DBlazexSilver bad apple!Here u go for u BlazexSilver fans ^^

Blaze and Shadow? O.o

Blaze the cat!World is mine Sonic and Shadow too? O.O

Blaze the cat!Fire endless night

Blaze,Miku,and Sonic levan polkka

Blaze the cat thriller here u go for u mj fans ^^

Blaze the cat! I'm a kitty cat

Blaze,Rouge,and, Amy Sonic,Shadow,and Silver:WTF O.O

Sonic and vrienden does the harlem shake

Sonic parody 5

Sonic gangnam style blaze in there too blaze fans ^^

Sonic panda hero!Yeah Blaze in there

Blaze and Amy matryoshka

Blaze meets big

Sonic and vrienden highschool 3

Silver's nightmare

If blaze met percival

Campfire blaze,silver,and some other guy

Blaze the cat dance to nyan cat ^^

Tribute to Blaze the Cat: ~stronger~

Blaze the Cats theme song

Silvaze: Let me love u ~Part Video~

Recoloring Amy Rose to Blaze the Cat

Let's draw Blaze the cat

Silvaze - Hot Girl

This song DOES suit her!!

Blaze wants some ice cream

Blaze The Cat - Blah Blah Blah

drawing blaze in photoshop

Blaze the cat vid i found

blaze the cat disturbia

blaze the cat slideshow

blaze the cat paparazzi

blaze the cat

Sonic and Blaze (song: the last night door skillet my fav. band :D)

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games- Figure Skating - Skaters' Waltz

Wrapped in Black

Vela Nova

Blaze the cat dreams of an absolution

sonic univrse issue #1 :D

True Ending

Super sonic and burning blaze TRANSFORMATON

Blaze the Cat ~ Rush

Blaze Going Under

Blaze the Cat: Missing