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posted by Pennypatch321
Brightstar wobbled up on the Tall Rock, still sore from that last battle with ColdClan, and called to her Clan, "Let all cats of BlazeClan gather here beneath the Tall Rock for a Clan meeting!" She watched as everyone in the camp gathered in the clearing in the middle of the camp. If only ColdClan never showed up. Why would they even attack us in the first place? she sighed.

The Clan got settled down, looking up hopefully at their leader. “Dearest Clan mates, I have some news. I decided to go talk to Moonshine one last time, before this whole battle.” There were gasps from the cats in the...
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posted by Edwin3
Scarletstar prowled through BlazeClan territory, angry, upset, and most of all furious. Why in the world would Brightstar turn against them like that?! She turned and glanced at her warriors, Thornpool sticking out the most. "I know why," thought Scarletstar. "It's because of Leopardstar and IvyClan. She doesn't like that idea. Well, I'll toon her what an idea is!"

They raced away through the territory, all her warriors along side her. Nightbreath was back at the ColdClan camp, awaiting the return of her Clanmates. "Nightbreath doesn't like war," thought Scarletstar. "But she is under MY leadership,...
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“Today, we have three new warriors, as well as four new apprentices.” Brightstar signaled for Bramblepaw, Berrypaw, and Thornpaw to step forward. “Bramblepaw, Berrypaw, and Thornpaw, do u three promise to uphold the warrior code, and guard BlazeClan, even at the cost of your lives?”

“I do.” They all meowed.

“Then door the powers of ShiningStars, I give u your warrior names! Bramblepaw, from this moment, u shall be known as Bramblefur. Berrypaw, u shall be known as Berryear, and Thornpaw, u shall be known as Thornwhisker. BlazeClan and ShiningStars welcome u as full warriors...
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Source: Me!!
 Brightstar and me!
Brightstar and me!
Heres how i found out the news:

I woke up one morning and went to Brightstars den. Once i heard the "come in" order i walked in. Brightstar was laying in her nest.

"Can i be excused from duties today?" I asked.

Brighstar starred me down.

"Why?" She asked.

"My stomach really hurts!" I complained.

Brighstar purred with amusement.

"I can see why! Your excused from all duties. But why didnt u tell me?" Brightstar asked joyfally.

"Tell u what?" Ferndapple questioned confused.

"Your as big as a hourse now! Your having kits!" Brightstar announced.
 im shocked as much as u are door the news! lol!
im shocked as much as you are by the news! lol!
~EarthClan camp~

Pinekit rustled her way out of the EarthClan nursery and stared around the camp with wide eyes. "My territory!" she squeaked, and leapt at the first thing she saw. A warrior, Lionfur, was passing by. With a twitch of her butt, Pinekit leapt onto the unsuspecting warrior and bit into his tail.

Yelping in pain, the warrior flicked her away and glowered at her. "Is that any way to treat a warrior?" he asked her sternly.

Laughing, Pinekit responded, "Nope!" His eyes lightened as he watched her laugh.

"You run along, now," he said, and he padded away. Giggling, Pinekit leapt onto a...
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Volewhisker slid after Tawnynose through the undergrowth and to EarthClan territory. The older medicine cat lead the way to the EarthClan camp, deep within the hart-, hart of the EarthClan sparseland.

"This place always gave me the creeps," muttered Volewhisker to herself as the two ShingingStars made it down a ledge and into the camp.

"You've never been here!" hissed Tawnynose. Volewhisker jumped, then realized that she must've offended the EarthClan cat.

"I'm sorry," she muttered, then pushed her way passed the gathered ShiningStars and into the EarthClan nursery.

In front of them, Spottedsong, and...
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posted by Pennypatch321
No! There has to be something! ANYTHING! Help! The volgende thing Brightstar knew, she was in a starry place.

Luckily, she could breathe again, and she looked around. No one was there, although she felt someone's presence. She looked around again to see nine cats standing behind her: Pinestar (the former leader in BlazeClan), Volewhisker, Blossomstorm (Brightstar’s sister), Falconleaf (the medicine cat before Honeytail), Oakclaw, Embertooth (one of Brightstar’s close friends), Lilackit (one of Brightstar’s first kits), and Stonefang and Lightflower (Brightstar’s parents).

Tears filled Brightstar’s...
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posted by Pennypatch321
Brightstar sat in her hol, den thinking of what to do about AirClan. She couldn't lose anymore warriors, that's for sure. Oakclaw, an elder, just ate a muis from the fresh-kill pile and ended up dieing just like Volewhisker; there was no way of saving him. Somehow, cats were getting poisoned without eating deathberries. Volewhisker on a border patrol, and Oakclaw eating a harmless mouse. If AirClan were doing this, they would have done something to poison BlazeClan no matter where they were.

A thought crossed her mind and she looked out at her Clan. What if AirClan isn't doing this? What if the...
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posted by SoyalaLeisu
Volewhisker padded wearily into camp after heading a patrol to the AirClan border. The other warriors on her patrol--Sleekfoot, Goldenclaw, and Tigertooth--pounded in after her. Gasping to a very tired halt, Volewhisker turned to her apprentice.

"Winterpaw, go and fetch Brightstar. I think your warrior naming is in need. u did excellent." The apprentice's eyes sparkled and she dashed off to find the BlazeClan leader.

Ever since a few days ago, when Brightstar had visited the AirClan camp, she had been a bit sullen. She had sent meer patrols than usual to the AirClan border, and the warriors...
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posted by Pennypatch321
Brightstar and her patrol had left the camp before sun-high and were heading to the AirClan border. They were running through the forest with Brightstar leading the way. She started to slow down before the border, and stopped. She crouched down behind some bushes, her Clan mates doing the same.

“Okay, now, we aren’t here for a fight unless Moonshine wants one. We came here in peace. Got that?” The patrol nodded.

Brightstar heard voices not long after, “So, Hillpaw, what do u smell?” Brightstar recognized this voice; it was Cloudclaw, one of the AirClan warriors. He was a white muscular...
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Man this forest is long! brand Kit! I wanna go home! u can't!look! horses!lets ride them there!
Ok! (hours later) Are we there? yes look there is Mommy! mommy!!!!Shhhhh! ok! (gives hug to mommy)
i am glad to see you! we came to save you!ok lets make a plan!(makes plan with all 25 memembers)
hallo yo peace moonshine! yes! monkey butt! how dare you! attack!!!! wait u must play the game!(plays game and wins)yeah we win! now stop kidnnaping! fine but i still might try!

Run!!!!!!!!!1 Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i am running!!!!! stop!! i got u red handed! what did we do? do u think we should stop and ask brand kit? sure? what did we do ? nothing i just wanna help! i heard 10 blaze clan memebers are missing! what when we left there was 2? well things change and this man is good! what your name? oh my name is Josh! what is yours? i am bright ster and this is my friend the princess brand Kit! well, u are heading east and the kasteel is west! oh? well that would be why it took a long time! i know a short cut!ok lets get a verplaats on!
oh no ! why does this have to happen????????????? what did we do???? brand Kit i guess we have to keep going we have to do this! for for the blaze clan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bright ster we should take meer people! we can't they are gone hunting! but we need al th people we can get!!i have a feeling some one is behind us!...

I am so glad i found u brand Kit! Good! where is mommy? she is busy! Where is boom man? i don't know? lets find her! ok! boom man! (finds letter) " dear reader i have boom man! if u want her well! to bad! u got brand kit from my leader but u won't get Boom man!!! wah hahah! ha" From ? Um? do we have to find her? yes she saved me now i will save her! but? no buts if u got kdnapped u know boom man would go get you! but? lets go! can i bring bernard??? fine! bernard lets get boom man! bernard? bernard? (finds letter)...
posted by MsIloveJustin
Just kidding i have her! just playing here go get her! um where is she? oh just ask the gaurds!! now leave my presese! u won't win volgende time!! and sorry about bananas!!! u are not sorry!! yeah i don't care!! tell bernard happy birthday!
I won't!!!! Bernard we saved brand Kit for you! thanks! Bright ster don't tell Queen!! oh i won't lips are sealed!!

If u liked the story commentaar and meer will come every day. i hope i can do a book a day. if u want people in it just tell me!!!

Have a great night/day!!!