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GokuBankai posted on Jun 18, 2012 at 08:59AM
Hi guys!Who do you think will win:

Kempaci vs Urahara
Ichigo vs Rukia
Chad vs Girimijow
Ishida vs Nnoitra
Yourichi vs Biakuia
Kon vs A Hollow
Renji vs Hytsugaya

You choose the winner.

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een jaar geleden GokuBankai said…
My opinion:

Kempaci vs Urahara Kempaci
Ichigo vs Rukia Ichigo
Chad vs Girimijow Girimijow
Ishida vs Nnoitra Nnoitra
Yourichi vs Biakuya Biakuya
Kon vs A Hollow Hollow (lol)
Renji vs Hitsugaya ........Renji

Wow,That was a hard decesion. Thats My opinion u tell your own.
een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
Kenpachi Vs. Kisuke? Hard one to make, probably Kisuke by a small victory and using sealing techniques.

Ichigo Vs. Rukia. Ichigo.

Chad Vs. Grimmjow. Grimmjow.

Ishida Vs. Nnoitra. Nnoitra.

Yoruichi Vs. Byakuya. Yoruichi.

Kon Vs. A hollow. The Hollow, of course. XD

Renji Vs. Toshiro. Toshiro, easily.
een jaar geleden wantadog said…
Kisuke would win.
Ichigo would win
Grimmjow would win
Nnoitra would win
Yoruichi would win
The hollow would win
Toshiro would win.

The only hardish one is the first one.
een jaar geleden silverexorcist said…
1) Kisuke. He's powerful enough to handle Kenpachi as it is, but with his brains and numerous tricks, he'd take down Kepachi no doubt.

2) Ichigo of course. Why? He's the main character, he has the disorder that prevents him from losing ultimately.

3) El Diablo would lose against Pantera. Ichigo struggled as it was, and Chad is so much less powerful.

4) Meh...Actually, I'm not quite sure how Ishida would do. I assume Nnoitora would win, but if I look at how strong the current Ishida in the manga must be, I question a few I postpone my vote.

5) Yoruichi, if it got serious. As we know her, I think Byakuya would win with his bankai. But she was a captain, so she herself must have a zanpakutou hidden somewhere, probably with bankai. If so, Byakuya is so dead it's almost not funny.

6) This one depends. Against a normal, weak hallow, Kon might stand a chance if he's in Ichigo's body. Remember, Kon still has the super human ability of a mod soul. It's just that it makes no difference against the more recent characters with godly spiritual pressure.

7) Toshiro, no question. Renji might be the strongest vice-captain (we think. Yachiru is so mysterious it is almost scary) but Toshiro is a midget prodigy, and already a captain. If Shunsui openly states that Toshiro will have a bankai stronger than his own in just one century, we know that Toshiro is nothing to scoff at.
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