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Riku114 posted on Jul 09, 2012 at 02:36PM
Choose who would win

Urahara vs Yorichi
Hanataro vs Orhime
Kon vs Bawabawa
Toshiro vs Byakuya
Soi Fon vs Gin Ichimaru
Lt. Kira vs Lt. Matsumoto
Rengi vs Hisagi
Kyouraku vs Ukitake
Komamura vs Tosen
Yumichika vs Ikkaku
Ichigo vs Yamamoto
Kon vs Yuzu's Dress Up (lol)
Hyori vs Shinji
Kensei vs Lisa
Stark vs Harribel
Barragan vs Nnoitora
Grimmjow vs Ulquiorra
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Bleach anime 9 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Urahara vs Yorichi Yorichi
Hanataro vs Orhime Hanataro
Kon vs Bawabawa Bawabawa
Toshiro vs Byakuya Toshiro
Soi Fon vs Gin Ichimaru Gin
Lt. Kira vs Lt. Matsumoto Lt. Matsumoto
Rengi vs Hisagi Renji
Kyouraku vs Ukitake Kyouraku
Komamura vs Tosen Tosen
Yumichika vs Ikkaku Yumichika
Ichigo vs Yamamoto Ichigo *Magic ability to win being main character*
Kon vs Yuzu's Dress Up (lol) Yuzu's Dress Up
Hyori vs Shinji Hyori
Kensei vs Lisa Kensei
Stark vs Harribel Stark
Barragan vs Nnoitora Barragan
Grimmjow vs Ulquiorra Ulquiorra
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
It was hard
een jaar geleden wantadog said…
Urahara vs Yoruichi: Yoruichi
Hanataro vs Orhime: Orihime
Kon vs Bawabawa: Kon
Toshiro vs Byakuya: Byakuya
Soi Fon vs Gin Ichimaru: Soi Fon
Lt. Kira vs Lt. Matsumoto: Matsumoto (They battled in the anime.)
Rengi vs Hisagi: Hisagi
Kyouraku vs Ukitake: Kyoraku
Komamura vs Tosen: Tosen
Yumichika vs Ikkaku: Ikkaku
Ichigo vs Yamamoto: Yamamoto (Ichigo would have his ass handed to him)
Kon vs Yuzu's Dress Up (lol): ....................
Hyori vs Shinji: Shinji
Kensei vs Lisa: Kensei
Stark vs Harribel: Starrk
Barragan vs Nnoitora: Barragan
Grimmjow vs Ulquiorra: Ulquiorra.

This was not as hard as you say.....

alot of them were obvious answers. For Example: Barragan VS Nnoitra.....Barragan is number 2, and Nnoitra is number's painfully obvious who would win.

The same for alot of the other ones.
een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
Urahara s. Yoruichi: Urahara (Kido)
Hanataro Vs. Orihime: Hanataro
Kon Vs. Bawabawa: Bawabawa (he'd just eat Kon)
Toshiro Vs. Byakuya: Byakuya (by a smidgeon)
Soi Fon Vs. Gin: Gin (easily)
Kira Vs. Matsumoto: Matsumoto
Renji Vs. Hisagi: Renji (he has a Bankai, Shuuhei doesn't)
Shunsui Vs. Jushiro: Shunsui (Jushiro has TB)
Komamura Vs. Tousen: Tousen
Yumichika Vs. Ikkaku: Ikkaku (most obviously)
Ichigo Vs. Genryuusai: Genryuusai (This is pretty obvious, Ichigo would die in about two minutes against this guy)
Kon Vs. Yuzu's dress up: -Er- Pass.
Hiyori Vs. Shinji: Shinji
Starrk Vs. Halibel: Starrk
Barragan Vs. Nnoitra: Barragan (He would destroy all of the Espada, even if they all attacked him at once)
Grimmjow Vs. Ulquiorra: Ulquiorra (Two transformations, not good for Grimmjow)

This was actually pretty easy.
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Lets see who gets to the finals using black pather shes got good backup info
Urahara vs. Hanataro
Bawabawa vs Byakuya
Gin vs Matsumoto
Renji vs Shunsui
Tosen vs Ikkaku
Genryuusai vs, Yuzu's Dress Up
Stark vs. Shinji
Ulquiorra vs Barragan
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Urahara vs Hanataro Urahara *Obviously
Bawabawa vs Byakuya Byakuya (but maybe Bawabawa, cause he might be able to swallow the petals)
Gin vs Matsumoto Gin
Renji vs Shunsui Shunsui
Tosen vs Ikkaku Tosen
Stark vs Shinji Stark
Ulquiorra vs Barragan Barragan

Yammamoto and Yuzus Dress Up was Removed
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een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Any1 gonna try the next
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Byakuya vs Gin
Shunsui vs Tosen
Stark vs Barragan

Gin, because he only really needs to stab Byakuya once and leave a particle.

Shunsui, because when Tosen uses his bankai, it creates the whole place to be shadows. (I beleive the one for shadows is Takeoni)

Stark, It would be a long tough battle but the ceros will be weakened by the aging but it would still be able to fly through the clouds.
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Gin vs Shunsui vs Stark

Shunsui is ilimanated due to the fact that he needed help from ukitake and two vizards to defeat Stark, leaving two people. Gin vs Stark. Most people would think that it would be Gin because he is one of the rulers, but you cant just rely on just that to say it would be Gin, because they havent fought yet.

Gin vs Stark
Gin and Stark can do long ranged attacks, so they could be petty far apart with an equal advantage, but Gin can also do upclose figthing and then easily extend his Zanpaktou at the same time. They both have high speed, but Gin is faster. Although, Gin is basically one person unless you count his zanpaktou, but Stark has Lilinette that turns into his coyotes that is pretty strong explosives. The winner is debatable but I would say Gin would win......... I beleive Gin just has a little more of an advantage.

If you would like to debate about the winners as far as the begining to the end of the winner being Gin, feel free to.
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