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SatoshiTamotsu posted on Nov 12, 2012 at 10:44PM
The rules of this are simple. You create a Zanpakuto with a Shikai and Bankai like any other, however there is a unique twist to this. it MUST be a pure Physical/ Melee type zanpakuto. meaning it cannot include elemental abilities. it cannot heal, it cannot use light or darkness it is purely physical. Like Abarai Renjis Zabimaru or Madarame Ikkakus Hozukimaru, it has to be based on a type of weapon with a unique twist.
can you do it?
post your "Challenge" Zanpakuto in the following format
Zanpakuto name:
Release Command:
Shikai appearance:
Shikai abilities or techniques (3 max):
Bankai name:
Bankai appearance:
Bankai abilities or techniques (3 max):

which of you can have a great idea on the spot? post your answers below and compare to others

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een jaar geleden SatoshiTamotsu said…
An example of Mine would be.
Zanpakuto name: Genshukuhane (gravity wing)
Release command: Choppu
Shikai appearance: Satoshis zanpakuto takes the form of a massive battle axe. this axe had axe heads the size of half his chest. he also gains a gauntlet in his left hand made of an indestructible steel. this zanpakuto weighs 1000 pounds and is the average length of a dai katana or a two handed weapon.
Shikai abilities or techniques: 1. Genshukuhane is able to have its "Axe heads" detach and travel on gravity channels so that these axe heads look as though they are floating and spinning in the air. this leaves the other half of genshukuhane as a steel kendo stick without its axe heads which with its weight can easily shatter bones. the Axe heads proceed to fly around making constant individual slashes at the opponent throughout the fight or until returned to the tip of the kendo stick to its axe form.
Bankai name: Terra Genshukuhane
bankai appearance: In bankai, genshukuhane takes the form of two one headed massive war axes wielded in each hand. these axes are heavy beyond measure but can be wielded easily by the user for his gravity manipulation. the gauntlet on his left hand has now reached up his entire left arm, fusing it into a steel plated armour on his entire arm. this indefinitely protects any damage to the users left arm and holds a single large jewel infused into his shoulder. it shines brightly in a reflection of how much power genshukuhane is using.
bankai abilities: A key ability of this bankai is that is doubles the speed of the user by halving its weight and halves the speed of the enemy by doubling his own. this allows for this bankai to nearly always be able to catch up with long range users because genshukuhane cannot cause any long range damage it is all cleaving with his two mighty axes.
2. this ability allows him to use his axes both skillfully as if they were light katanas despite their massive weight. genshukuhane lowers the weight for the user to allow these two large war axes to be used as swiftly and quickly as any weapon with ease
3. this technique is only able to be used in a downwards cleave, at close range genshukuhane takes the weight of the axe and times it by 4. so that while cleaving down its power will fold countlessly with the heavy weight of the axe pressing down on the foes defences so that it will have roughly 4000 pounds of raw pressure on top of the swing strength of the user. this can be applied and taken off in an instant for quick recovery.
een jaar geleden Ryuuikari said…
There's already a forum for zanpakutou
een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
Ryuukari is correct. We already have a forum for making Zanpakutous, which has been incredibly successful on this club. No offense, but hardly anyone will post on here, because Make Your Own Zanpakuto is basically the largest forum on the Bleach club. I urge you to post your Zanpakutous on there instead.
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een jaar geleden SatoshiTamotsu said…
True but all i ever see in that one is people with the exact same zanpakuto, i have read countless pages of people with energy, fire,or ice type zanpakuto... not a single one is a creative physical melee
een jaar geleden whiteflame55 said…
I beg to differ. The forum is certainly populated by more humdrum zanpakuto than not, but there are a large number of creative zanpakuto, melee or otherwise, in those pages. I've been posting there since about page 35 and I can say without a doubt that many very creative ideas have been posted there. But if you want to see a couple of collections that are more often composed of these gems, I encourage you to look on any of the character forums that accompany the multiple RPs that have come and gone or are still around. New Generations (Resurgence, as it's called now), Fallout, and Clan Wars come to mind.
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een jaar geleden Captain-Ben54 said…
Dude even I made a few and they may have been stupid but who cares if it's melee don't create one like this again without going through all the pages of another forum with the exact same topic.
een jaar geleden Riku114 said…
Dont take us like we are trying to be mean or anything, but being kid enough not to get your hopes up on ever reaching even 100 post. I tried a few myself they dont work. If you are really so obsessed with having it be melee try to start the trend for it on the biggg website. But if you are so persistent on making this forum page continue and over all of our advise you still think it will work and be better than the big forum page holding over 6000 post, go ahead, ignore us, Ill allow you to feel the disappointment when you see that no one is going to post. Sorry if these words offended you in anyway, its just that someone new to fanpop like you may or may not understand the popularity chart and should be informed to rid of disappointment. Those that have the more popular forum page will get farrrrr more than one with restricted creation and of the same type.
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