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Sinwalker7 posted on Sep 22, 2013 at 03:32AM
I am making this because I read PB's clan war and found it very interesting. Now this one is simple. It has been a few years (3-4) after Aizon's death, however their was a few Arrancar's that lived on and now are ready to fight back again.

For this war you may use any character from the anime (who is still alive) or some of your own characters. You can be arrancar, soul reaper, human with powers and so on. You may even use some one from your own clan. Just please give us details about his/her powers skills and past.

I will start the story when anyone who wants to join posts their character.

Reules: 1. This is meant to be fun so respect your fellow players.
2. When enough people join I will decide the order of turns, if someone can't post for at lest two days please say so and try to work it into the story. I will try to keep the story running if too many people can't post.
3. When in a fight, no one hit kills, and if your going to die give a fair warring ahead of time. So that way it's interesting. This also applies if you want to leave the game.
4. Please be original and try not to copy or repeat too many things from the anime.
5. if some one new wants to join please ask and give us your character so we can fine a way to fit him/her in. Thank you.

One last thing, I made this so we can show off just how badass our characters are so please use mostly your own and lese from the anime. Hope this goes well for anyone who wants to join.

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een jaar geleden Sinwalker7 said…
This will be my character in this clan war. Please use a similar righting style so it's easy to read and understand by everyone, and have fun.

Hallow: Sinp

Menos rank: Adjuchas

Height: Five feet long.

Wight: 75 pounds.

Eye Color: Black

Hallow Hole: Center of the upper body.

Appearance: When he was a Adjuchas Menos. He took the form of a dragon like lizard. His body was covered in scale like bones and he had four flat blade like wings from his back. His tail is forked at the end and he had two horns that arced backward on his head. Now unlike other hallows. His hunger was never ending. He ate anything he could catch even if it didn’t make him more powerful. One day he found a weak Arrancar wondering around. When he was about to attack, the Arrancar opened a rifted to the human world. Inspired by the idea of freedom and new prey, Sinp quickly jumped through the rift and appeared in the human world. After several mouths of killing humans and animals a soul reaper came to end Sinp’s killing spree. Sinp quickly killed the soul reaper and ate him. Because of this he no longer need to hunt to stay a Adjuchas. Over time Aizen found him and porimsed even more power if he fallowed him. Sinp ,no longer interested in the humans and stary hallows, Sinp agreed to join Aizen.

Powers & Skills: He was a close combat fighter, using his claws and tail as weapons. At times he would use his wings to glide through the air. His wings also acted like blades when he swooped past a target. He also could fire a black, fiery like cero from both his tail and his mouth. His speed was his most used skill when fighting. This mixed with his blade like wings, claws and tail makes him look like a flying mass of swords. And he has the power to heal himself after eating a piece of another hallow. This power allowed him to live through countless death blows in the past.

Arrancar: Sinphen

Sex: Male

Age: 21, newly turned.

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Sliver/white

Hair style: similar to Girmmjaw’s

Rank: 3

Espada Tattoo: Center of chest.

Appearance: He is 6:3 and weighs in at 100 pounds. He wears a suit similar to the other Arrancars. Nothing really stands out. His mask take the form of two horns at the top of his head that are aimed back. Ha also wears a pair of gloves that resemble his Adjuchas claws.

Powers & Skills: When he is sealed he uses his katana proficiently and uses his speed to match any enemy’s strength. Using his speed and weight he is able to cut through many enemy defenses. He can release his fire like cero from the palms of his hands and the bottom of his feet. This gives him a advantage when fighting hand to hand with an enemy. He tends to use only his creo, but he is able to use a black Bala and Sonido. The reason he don’t use his Sonido is because his speed is already on par with most flash steps, so he save it for appoints that have speed that have more speed then himself.

Zanpakotu: Dragón (Dragon) He takes his katna and grinds his claws on it. He call’s it’s name as he does this. The sword disappers and he grows two of hi swings on his back and he grows his tail. Hi swings are four feet longo n both sides and his tail is three feet long. He also gets grow claws on his feet. He now can use his tail, hands and feet to relaese his cero. In this form his speed his faster and hi swings act like blades and alow him to fly at even faster speeds then when he runs or jumps.

Zanpakotu: Dragón Renacido (Reborn Dragon) This is his secert weapon. He calls his full name and his body falls apart, like a lizard sheding skin. He is now eight feet in length now. Now he has all four of his wings and his tail grow by a foot. His body is covered in scale like bones and his claws are at full leagth (about two and half inches.) His mask now covers his face and is in the form of a dragon’s skull. In this form he likes to fight like his adjuchas self. Useing his wings like blades and relaeseing his cero from his tail and mouth. He also uses a new attack he created when he was a adjuchas. He calls it dragón cero. This form of cero acts like a flame and he uses it tos round his target to limet it’s movments. Then he attacks with his speed and other cero attacks.

Personatily: He keeps to himself and hunts on his own. When ever he has time he goes out and kills powerful hallows. At times when someone chanllge his powers he kills them with no mercy or pitty. He also has no friends or anyone he consdiers a friend, note even Aizen. At times he feels like he should be doing something even if it’s just reading or walking in circles. And at the most boring of times he feels like killing another arrancar or at lest fighting them.
een jaar geleden Sinwalker7 said…
One last thing, if you want you may use some of my ideas in this clan war.
Sinwalker7 commented…
One meer thing any kido u have made can be used here as well. Now i'm pertty sure that covers everthing, ask if u don't understand anything. een jaar geleden