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Captain Squad 1: Kyoraku Shunsui
Background: In the after math of the Titan assault of soul society. Byakuya is missing and Shunsui is made head captain.

Captain Sqaud 2: Kurosaki Sado
- Release Command: Reap/Enclose/Devour/Wrack Havoc
- Shikai: Sendo (Death)
- Bankai: Sokushi (Death)
- Resurrecion: Luna (Moon)
1. Summons a portal that he can teleported through, also hides spiritual pressure.
2. Summon a doppelganger that takes the place of the original
3. Can wrap the chain around an enemy, that sucks out their spirit energy (Bankai only)
Shikai: A normal scythe
Bankai: Two scythes connected by a chain.
Father: Kurosaki Ichigo
Mother: Kuchiki Rukia
Appearance: Long black hair, with a kenseikan (metal clip). Wears a a sleeveless captains hamaka, and a scarf with the Shihion clan symbol on it. he carries a sword at his side like a normal zanpkatou, but carries one on his back like Soi Fon. He also has a hollow hole on the right side of his chest can normally be hidden by his hamaka.
Eye: Blue
Hair: Black/long
Nature: Very upright and held together smiles rarely. Enjoys fighting, being part hollow he enjoys a life of solitude. Can often be seen walking through the gardens late at night alone.

Captain Squad 3: Suzaku Misaki
- Release Command: Blaze
- Shikai: Shobo Shokuin (Flame Staff)
- Bankai: Unknown
Abilities: Summons flames that smother all spirit energy in the area.
Only know ability is Jiko Hakai (self destruct) which sacrifices his body to destroy everything around him within a limited area.
Appearance: A red staff that burns with fiery light, holds a ribbon of flame on one end and a sword on the other.
Father: Renji
Mother: Unknown
Appearance: He has long red hair like his father. Taken in by the Kuchiki clan after his fathers death he was taught to be noble. He wears the traditional captains outfit, but his body when observed without a shirt contains unique tattoos matching his fathers.
Eye: brown
Hair: Red/long
Nature: Raised to be noble and show pride. Pride drives him and to ultimately avenge his father. Hot headed and brash, he prefers a straight up fight over using kido and tricks.

Captain Squad 4: Unohana Danku
- Shikai: Unknown
- Bankai: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unohana
Appearance: Much like his Mother he looks weak and frail. Graduating from the academy as the top in his class for kido he was originally assigned to squad 7. But when rumors began that he couldn't fight so he was reassigned to squad 4. his zanpaktou is unknown to everyone but a select few, but rumors are that he is one of the strongest captains.
Eye: brown
Hair: brown
Naature: Quiet and laid back, doesn't talk much. But rumor has it that he enjoys a good fight once in a while.

Captain Squad 5: None

Captain Squad 6: Kuchiki Shiraha
- Release Command: Bring all things under cmy control
- Shikai: Kurieita (The Creator)
- Bankai: Sozo (The Creation)
Abilities: When spun it release a sound wave that allows him to control spirit energy around him. Unknown how many things it can directly control.
Appearance: A double headed spear that has a shield right in the middle over the hand-guard.
Father: Byakuya
Mother: Unknown
Appearance: He has long blonde hair with three kenseikan in it like his father. Wears a sleeveless hamaka. He wears a second hamaka over that , that is embedded with ornate jewelry to show off his nobility. He and Sado Kurosaki have been accused of being twins even tho they share no common ancestor,
Eye: Green
Hair: blonde with brown highlights
Nature: Lives in his father shadow. everything he does it to prove that he is true leader of the Kuchiki clan and better than Byukuya ever was.

Captain Squad 7: Kurosaki Hirako
- Release Command: Shatter / Reign over the crystal heavens
- Shikai: Chi Daiyamondo (Blood Diamond)
- Bankai: Tengoku Chi Daiyamondo (Heaven's Blood Diamond)
- Resurrecion: Muerte Absoluta (Absolute Death)
1. Getsuga tenshou
2. releases shards of crystal in any object it cuts. That slowly turn that object to diamond.
3. Once per week he can break his halo to increase his power.
Resurrecion: He explains that to perfectly hollowfy is to have a resurrecion. Though he enjoys imperfect hollowfication like Ichigo did in his fight against Ulquiorra. So he wears a patch on his chest that keeps him from perfectly hollowfying.
Shikai - his blade turns to crystal and he grows a halo made of diamond over his head.
Bankai - His sword transforms to look like tensa zangetsu but with a blade still made of diamond, his halo grows bigger and forms wings of diamond that he can summon to himself.
Father: Kurosaki Ichigo
Mother: Kuchiki Rukia
Appearance: Long brown hair with blonde highlights, he wears his hair slicked back. He looks almost exactly like Ichigo. He wears A traditional captain hamaka though he can often be seen walking around with the top half hanging down to reveal a lean muscular body.
Eye: Brown
Hair: Brown blonde highlights/long
Nature: Enjoys to fight who doesn't like tricks he prefers brute force. Ladies man in every sense he doesn't take work or captains duties seriously most of time he leaves them to his lieutenant. Confident and upright he inspires everyone around him.

Captain Squad 8: None

Captain Sqaud 9: Yudishu Uan
- Release Command: Bite
- Shikai: Hiru (Leech)
- Bankai: Unknown
1. release a poison that paralyzes an enemy
2. limits the spirit output of a sword it cuts by half per strike.
3. Release a poison that confusing thought processes disorienting an enemy.
Appearance: it takes the form of a normal zanpaktou, but the blade turns a sickly green color.
Father: Shunsui
Mother: Unknown
Appearance: Son of Shunsui, he is very lazy just like his father. Trained in the world of the living by Kisuke Urahara he prefers tricks and gimicks over brute force. he will use brute force if necessary. He wears a traditional captain hamaka. But he wears a purple robe with cherry blossoms on it much like his father shunsui's.
Eye: Hazel
Hair: Long Brown

Captain Sqaud 10: Sato Kazuko
Zanpaktou: Unknown
Appearance: Born Fatally ill, he doesn't leave his captain's dorm much. Rumor has it that he was accepted into the zero squad before he became ill. He wears a traditional hamaka. He also wears a cloak with his clan symbol on the back. Born into the middle class, he married the head of the Shiba clan and became the head of the one of the newest up and rising noble families.

Captain Sqaud 11: Zaraki Miyagi
- Release Command: Blast
- Shiaki: Futago Akuma (Twin Demons)
- Bankai: Unknown
Abilities: None
Appearance: Two fist weapons that start normal then the blade wraps back around his hand.
Father: Kenpachi
Mother: Yachiru
Apearance: He wears the torn robe that belonged to his father. He has short spikey brown hair that he too wears bells in. No eye patch sorry guys.
Eye: Black
Hair: Brown
Nsture: Kempachi in every aspect, he lives to fight. though he is able to think things through.

Captain Sqaud 12: Urahara Yuri
- Release Command: Sing for me
- Shikai: Safaiahime (Sapphire Princess)
- Bankai: Safaiahime Shiken (Trials of the Sapphire Princess)
1. Summon a shield of Sapphire
2. Summon a energy field that slice through the ground
3. Summons a force field that binds the target in kido like energy
1. If he cuts the same place twice the limb or piece becomes immobilize
2. summons an energy field that binds and drains the target of his spirit energy
3. Summon Valkyries that null the enemy with their sweet song confuses thought processes.
Shikai: A normal Zanpkatou
Bankai: Creates a ring of floating musical notes around the fight that when Yuri strikes them they produce a different effect sometimes helping or hurting Yuri. .
Father: Kisuke
Mother: Unknown
Appearance: Looks much like Kisuke does in turn back the pendulum. He has medium length white hair. He wears clogs like Kisuke's, and his father's hat. He wears a green hamaka with his clans inscription on the back. looks just like a normal captain hamaka but green.
Eye: Blue
Hair: white/long
Nature: Trained to fight by his father from a young age Yuri is master of all 4 styles of fighting. Unlike his father Yuri prefers fighting with his hands and kido and not relying on tricks.

Captain Sqaud 13: Ukitake Jushiro
- Release Command:
- Shikai: Sogyo no Kotowari
- Bankai: Unknown
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