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annvie9 posted on Apr 03, 2009 at 12:41AM
Me, RoseShingami, VioletShingami, and The3rdL are planning on making a role-playing spot. We haven't made it yet, due to the lack of people. We need people to join. I'd love it if some of you guys posted here that you want to join. We'll need maybe 10 or 15 people. I'll add you to the list. Also, if you have any questions or ideas, please post =3

First come, first serve!
If you're joining, it'd be nice if you gave us your RP name (First and last, please, unless your character doesn't have a last/first name). And it'd also be nice if you created a shinigami at the "Create Your own Shinigami" topic.

1. The3rdL (Yuujin Shizuka)
2. annvie9 (Yumiko Mizuni)
3. VioletShingami (Lini Koumorri)
4. RoseShingami (Kiari Lyria)
5. Jyuuichi93 (Shizuka Nakamori)
6. supersilver108 (Gin Ichimaru)
7. rusty746454 (Kuro Ken)

Note: If you join, you might be able to grab one of the few Captain spots, since not all the Captains have to die and be replaced <.<
Also, you can be an arrancar/vizard/quincy if you want to.
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