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schmlaa posted on Aug 02, 2010 at 08:05PM
i dont know about anyone else but i am so sick of books about teen vampires in love. Does anyone have any magical/supernatural books not about vampires?

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een jaar geleden ForgottenDoll said…
-Remember Me by Christopher Pike
It is a great book about spirits or "ghosts." It has some really moving religious parts in it that will change your outlook on life. I didn't think it was going to be such a good book because it was about ghosts but it changed my mind quickly. It is a book with 800-900 pages, but it is well worth the reading!

-Thirst Series by Christopher Pike
This guy is one of my favorite authors as you can see ^ Yes, this book is about vampires, but it doesn't involve teenage vampire love or anything of that. It has a a lot of action sure to make you cringe at some parts. If you love reading about thrillers or murder novels then this series is perfect for you. This series as well as the book Remember Me has some religious parts in it too. They change your perspective on life greatly and you will feel charmed by his choice of words in them. Don't get me wrong, I love Twilight and all but this series had so much more to offer.

-The Host by Stephenie Meyer
I request this book loosely because she isn't a very developed writer. This book still has a great plot and imagination in it. It is filled with many emotions that are described in plain and simple language. Yes, this is the same author of The Twilight Saga but it is a completely different book. It is in the sci-fi genre and yes, it has the emotion of love but its not all about love. It is about a soul that moves into a body where the human before the soul entered is resisting and is still heard. So you can imagine all the different emotions are in this book. It is a good book full of touching moments but also bittersweet.

I'm sorry that I don't have many suggestions. I just moved on from my Twilight Lover phase and started reading other books in other genres. I hope this helped you! :D
een jaar geleden lacrimosa-band said…
yeah, me too. i'm sick and tired of all this bullshit of teen vampires in love.. come on.. give me a break.. they're born to kill not to fall in love.. so pathetic..

you might try 'viriconium' by m. john harrison..
een jaar geleden warcraftjunckie said…
The only thing people should model vampires after is either the Buffy the Vampire Slayer vampires, funny but badassed, OR the classic Dracula vampires but then again those vampires are really boring, I couldn't even get to the third chapter of Dracula because it was sooo boring, anywho vampires shouldn't sparkle, and(just because I completely HATE Jacob) werewolves shouldn't run around in little shorts with no shirts on like a bunch of gay wods. BURN!