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I'm part of link. It's a place where u can find the latest pictures, videos, tweets, and updates of Bronson!
There's a fan story section, and u can read about how Bronson reacts with fans.

Also, if u have some fan stories send us a message with the pictures and u will see it on the site! We'll be meer then glad to hear your fantastic encounter with Bronson Pelletier.
u can also follow us on twitter our name is link
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Well, I think that Bronson (Jared) and Taylor (Jacob) are the best werewolves because they're both funny and sooooo hot. Many people know that Bronson is my love, and u could say i'm pretty much addicted to the whole Twilight series. My life goal is to meet Bronson and Taylor, but have a good conversation, not just a simple hey, how are you? deal. Me, personally, I think that they made an AMAZING job picking out the characters. All of the wolf Pack members fit their characters, and are very commited to them. I'm not saying the other people aren't haha, I'm just a WolfGirl all the way! Well yeah the point of this was that Bronson and Taylor are my favoriete werewolves, and in my opinion they are the best ones. Please commentaar and tell me what u think(: