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posted by SophiaBrookefan
Reasons to love Brucas:
1. B/c they're opposittes in a good way
2. B/c with Brooke, Lucas shows us his wild side (s1)
3. B/c he wasn't ready to lose her yet, and she wasnt ready to be lost!
4. B/c together they bought whipped cream and condoms.
5. B/c she's his girl behind the red door.
6. B/c he showed her his wild side.
7. B/c lucas zei he loves Brooke
8. B/cThey're always there for eachother
9. B/c Even Karen likes Brooke
10. B/c they're to darn cute not to be together.
11. B/c Peyton promised she wasnt gonna make out with Lucas this time
12. B/c Peyton told Brooke to go for it
13. B/c he almost cried...
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posted by SophiaBrookefan
u ready for your present? Ow! u wanted to play rough, all u had to do was ask.

Blair: u sound like a jealous boyfriend.
Chuck: Yeah right. u wish.
Blair: No. u wish.
Chuck: Please. u forget who you're talking to.
Blair: So do you. Do you... like me?
Chuck: Define like.
Blair: u have got to be kidding. I do not believe this.
Chuck: How do u think I feel? I haven't slept. I feel sick, like there's something in my stomach. Fluttering.
Blair: Butterflies? Oh no no no. This is not happening.
Chuck: No one is meer surprised of ashamed than I am.
Blair: Chuck. u know that I adore all of God’s...
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