Okay, so...
1. Leyton fans seem to forget, that Brooke broke up with Lucas, not Lucas with Brooke. I mean they talk about true love always, but if Lucas had always loved Peyton, he would broke up with Brooke to be with her, right? But we don´t know what would have happened if Brooke didn´t broke up with Lucas. Maybe they´d still be together.
2. okay then there quote "it´s you", well would be really romantic if he hadn´t zei this a week before about Brooke. And who was there when all his dreams came true? And he wouldn´t went to Peyton if Brooke hadn´t told him to and earlier Skills.
3.Lucas wrote a book about Peyton, okay well he did but "Brooke is the other half", so...
4. Then he zei "I do" to Lindsey, Leyton fans seem totally forget the fact that he would have married Lindsey.
5.Lucas never cheated on Peyton
Okay he didn´t but he kissed Brooke 24 hours after Peyton zei "no" to his proporsal, the difference is that Brooke has self respect and pushed him away.
6. Leyton were meant to be from the begging
well...have LP fans ever watched season 2 and 3 I mean come on "I am the guy for you" "The difference is I love u I wanna be with u not Peyton" and the damn destiny shot.
7. Lucas never loved Brooke, he always loved Peyton
Lucas spent almost the whole season 2 to want Brooke, who had a boyfriend and for SINGLEPeyton he called Jake i mean come on :-)
Well when Brooke zei “I love u to him”, he said” I love u too”, to Peytons first “I love you” his reaction was “oh”
8. It was love of the first sight
Maybe for Lucas , but not for Peyton
9. Lucas always choose Peyton over Brooke
In the first season he picked Brooke over Peyton...at least first
In the third season he even zei it " I wanna be with u Not peyton"
In the fourth season he defends Brooke to Peyton, because the sex tape...and he looked hurt when he watched it :-)
In the seconde season, Peyton and he never talked a lot, but for Brooke he did everything
10.Leyton is meant to be
No definetly not they only reason they got together is because chophia broke up.

Sorry for my bad English, I just really needed to say this.