Brucas Out of my favoriete Brucas fanvids, which is your favorite? {Links in comment}

Pick one:
Brooke and Lucas - All In My Head
i shall believe (brooke;lucas)
Brooke/Lucas: Can We Go Back
Brooke/Lucas - crawl (carry me through)
I Will Be - Brooke/Lucas
Brooke&Lucas | Never say never
have a little faith in me (brooke/lucas)
Brooke and Lucas - Whatever it takes
Brooke/Lucas: She Has No Time
in love with a girl (brooke/lucas)
Brooke/Lucas - Ain't no sunshine
Wouldn't It Be Nice - Brooke and Lucas
Open your eyes - Brooke and Lucas
Chloe's Letter - Brucas Style
Things I'll Never Say - Brooke/Lucas
thinking of u (lucas;brooke;julian)
2 Man toon / All Fall Down - brooke / lucas / peyton
BRUCAS; A fairytale
BRUCAS/LEYTON; All Against The Odd
Just A Dream :: Brucas & Naley
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