Buffy the Vampire Slayer Your Favourite Scooby!

Pick one:
Anya Jenkins (Ex Demon and Lover of Xander. Killed in the Final Battle)
Tara McClay (Wicca and Lover of Willow. Killed door Warren)
Buffy Summers (The Original Slayer)
Dawn Summers (The Key to Hell and Buffy's Sister)
Cordelia Chase (Queen Bee and Tag-Along Scoobie)
Rupert Giles (Watcher of Buffy)
Faith LeHane (The Slayer chosen after Kendra's death)
Angel (Vampire with a soul that loves Buffy)
Andrew Wells (ex evil-wannabe that trains to become a Watcher)
Riley Finn (Ex-Lover of Buffy's. Member of The Initiative)
Xander Harris (Carpenter and ultimate Best Friend to Buffy and Willow)
Willow (Wicca turned Goddess. Best Friend of Buffy)
Wesley Wyndam-Price (ex-Watcher of Faith)
Jenny Calendar (Techno-pagan and Lover of Giles. Killed door Angelus)
Oz (Werewolf and ex-lover of Willow)
Robin Wood (Son of 1960's Slayer. Lover of Faith)
Kennedy (Potential turned Slayer. Lover of Willow)
Amanda (Potential turned Slayer. Killed in the Final Battle)
Rona (Potential turned Slayer)
Vi (Potential turned Slayer)
Spike (Vampire with a soul. Lover of Buffy. Saved the world in Final Battle)
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