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Yes, it's probably stealing Wind's idea, but who cares, I'm a dick to him anyway.. :)


#1: THE ORGINAL NIGHTMARE ON ELMS straat (1980's):
Wanna see why the hell I like Freddy Krueger?
Well, for those that probably only know him from the shitty remake, I can see why it'll be confusing.
Watch the original.
This is BEFORE Freddy became "troll", and was actually trying to be scary.
And take it from me, Freddy IS terrifying in this one.
He's the type of guy waiting the shadows, toying with u instead of killing u straight away.
And laughing his ezel off. (but Freddy's laugh is the best part of him, so it's a good thing).
It's one of my favourite CinemaSnob episodes, as Brad Jones was excepting Freddy to be the wisecracking, asshole that he is in NEW NIGHTMARE.
And claims it actually scared him (yeah, "him")..

#2: SAW ONE:
Before being the stupid ezel TORTURE PORN we all think of when watching Saw.
There was a time where it was actually a SMART movie. And sadly, that is only the first one..
Where many of the gore is actually shown off view, and it focus's meer on actually being "scary" than being gross..

Considered one of the best ways of tonen jump scares in PROPER ways is the scene when Rid Lipstick Demon appears behind Patrick Wilson, cause the character that saw him zei she saw Red Lipstick Demon in a dream she had..

What is it about Patrick Wilson and ghost movies.
Whatever it is, whenever I see his face, it usually leads to scary as shit ghost horror movies..

Mostly funny. But still some genuine scares mixed in, hell it even gets pretty depressing near the end..

If u watch this movie in the right way, it's really great for halloween..

Just ask Nostaglia Critic..

I never seen it, but I want too..

Ironically one one guy is actually killed door a chainsaw. But the tool is still very involved in this movie. And.. Well.. Read my profiel to see why this is such a great thing :)

#10: SCREAM:
Don't take it TOO seriously, and your really enjoy it..


I LOVE Jason Voorhees, but the actual films themselves.. Their very "mah"
Especially the first..

It's just awesome in general.
Just make sure your rooting for the BAD GUYS.
Other wise, there's nothing too interesting about this film, if your not rooting for Robert Englund as everyone's favourite "murdering asshole". Fighting a silent.. Whatever Jason Voorhees is.
#10: FREDDY KRUEGER: (nightmare on elms street):
It's weird thinking of him as 'tragic' isn't it?
Arguably the main reason he is always defeated door woman, is because there is ONE thing he's still afried of.. Beauty.
Witch is something completely unknown to him.
His birth was something his own "mother" wanted nothing to do with.
She was rapped door a dozen manics and his birth 'wasn't suppose to happen'.
Because of this.
He was sent from orphanage to orphanage where he was constantly bullied door the students, who treated him as a freak because of what happened his mother.
Eventually he was adopted by...
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It's hard to get a good sequel these days.

And this one is way better than the sequels to to Jaws and Insidious.

The first one is simple enough. Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box with a camera in it. The camera displays snuff films of family's being murdered in fashions that are labeled "jokingly" in the names.
The "joke names" come across as twisted and sadistic (and not in a good way).
Anyway, long story short.
Turns out a evil demon, named Bughuul is behind it all. and Bughuul decides to mess with Hawk's character for a while, door scaring the audience with various jump...
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2 days later.

Disguised as Privateer requites, Carly and Packie arrive at Hoyt's side of the island, gathered with a bunch of REAL requites. As Hoyt Volker appears on a stage that had a large furnace in the middle of it. A man was trapped inside it, it was actually one of Hoyt's own Privateers, who refused to follow Hoyt's orders.

Hoyt began speaking to the requites gathered around the stage, two armed guards standing behind him.

"Ahhh.. My rosy cheek new employees... I'm not gonna lie. Were all here to make a buck.. But it's the happiness of my people that gets me up, each morning.. My father.....
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[Maniacal laughter]

Won't go to heaven
She's just another lost soul,
About to be mine again
Leave her
we will receive her
It is beyond your control
will u ever meet again

One of eleven
Who had been rendered unwhole
As a little child,
she was taken
and then forsaken
you will remember it all
Let it fill your mind again

Devin lies beyond this portal
take the word of one immortal
Give your soul to me
For eternity
release your life
to begin another time with her
End your grief with me
there's another way
release your life
take your place inside the brand with her

Now and forever
you're just another lost soul...
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#10: LUCY:
I haven't actually seen this movie, but somebody told me how stupid the ending is.
Lucy reaches 100% of her cerebral capacity and disappears within the spacetime continuum, where she explains that everything is connected and existence is only proven through time. Only her clothes and the black supercomputer are left behind.
And she herself suddenly disappears into thin air.
leaving only a text, saying, "I AM EVERYWHERE!".
It's bad enough Hellsing Ultmate pulled that line..

I love this show, but it become less and less populair after Charlie left. And the producers...
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We're finally done this show.

All in all.
I give it 8/10..

* Satisfying battles
* Often unpredictable
* Has lots of "deep" means behind it..

* Bizzare Japenesse comedy scenes, that makes them look like some sort of comic book..
* strange Oprah muziek at times
* Alexander betrayed his own humanity, and lost my respect
* It's downright confusing sometimes
* It often feels longer than it is..


I don't really have anything to say about the episodes themselves.

Thir defiantly intense.

Though, I guess I have something to say about Major's death.

I have to admit.
I actually...
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I can already tell the amount of haters I'm gonna earn when I say "I wish there were meer writers like Sergent Sprinkles".

This is, in my opinion, the greatest creepypasta ever.
Not even for the plot. But the but most of the narration's are the reason why I would say the story is a bit of an inspiration to me.. As he/she really knows how to fill certain moods when describing the settings..

Not only that, but the fact that Cupcakes has some of the greastest fan videos and fan sequels is also why I am a good supporter of the story.. It has one of the greatest songs ever "Get ready...
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I'm not saying this is a perfect movie.
But it's actually a surprisingly GOOD movie.

It starts off on On October 29, 1993 where the parents of Charlie Grimille record him as he is part of the SCHOOL PLAY.

During the play, Charlie is put on a fake noose, as part of the play. But suddenly the trap door opens, like u see in real noose sets, but it is soon revealed that this was NOT be part of the act. And Charlie is accidentally hung for real.

20 years later however, students at the same school resurrect the failed play as a misguided attempt to honor the accident.

A student named Reese Houser is...
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Hoyt: (standing volgende to furnace, that has prisoner held inside it as he talks to a crowd) Ahhh.. My rosy cheek new employees... I'm not gonna lie. Were all here to make a buck.. But it's the happiness of my people that gets me up, each morning.. My father.. Rest his sole.. Was a diamond minor.. Got up at sunset, smoked a cigarette, and down into the earth he went... For that wonderfu- (interrupted door the prisoner screaming and trying to get out of he furnace).. Wonderful man.. The company, was, God!... I gave that same presence, to my grand business "here"... And I expect all of u to do...
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I f***in love everything about this guy.. I worship your humor Farrell! Hope u never die..
will farrell
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