Yes, this a racist family trying to brainwash him into being somekind of mindless sex slave (well actually Chris is just wanted for his eyes, to give to a blind man).. But the level of utter brutality from Chris. Who seems to be the nicest guy ever. leaves u kind of disturbed..

This was recommended door WindWaker.. Though I'm not sure how to feel about this.. I love Edward Norton. Even in the hulk movie, so its even worse..

Before we see all the fun exciting stuff. First we have to get super attacted to the worldest cutest puppy. Only for thieves to break in, beat up John and needishly kill the puppy.. Fair to say, most viewers were meer than a little uncomfortable..

meer uncomfortable than dark.. It's dead body fucking.. Always gonna remain in my mind.. No matter how much I fucking drink!

I was left very VERY uncomfortable.
The girl cannot tolerate the protrogaonist feelings for anyone else, even his own son. She inserts needles into his eyes, giggling as she does so. She then cuts off his left foot with piano wire.
And it doesn't end there. Its basically torture porn. And it comes out of fucking nowhere!

#5: RAW - Justine’s Hair Regurgitation:
I can handle Garance Marillier gnawing through a meaty hookup’s thigh of devouring raw chicken (probably too easily). What I can’t shake is a grueling, drawn out sequence of Marillier pulling the longest strand of spooled hair from her mouth, hunched over a toilet gagging. Absolutely nauseating and forcibly affronting. Those with weaker constitutions should keep a barf-bucket handy throughout Raw, mainly just for this grossness.

#4: GEORGIE - IT 2017:
I think we can honestly all agree.. Nobody would trust that remake of Pennywise. While the orginal is meer inviting.. But seeing the scene, Georgie only wanted the boat. And guess as a child, u don't really think things over.. Either way, suddenly shit gets real. Penny rips off the kids entire arm, and drags him down to the sewer.. Having this happen to cute little kid is ALWAYS disturbing.. The film also has the bully, Henry Bowers, straight up murder his father.. And in a deleted scene he also murdered his own best friends.. They really take the sadism of Henry a little too far..

For a comedy, this is fucked up.
Even knowing in advance that Casey and Steve are going to die, the buildup of tension, the progression of the phone calls from seemingly innocent to malicious, the despairing Hope Spot and the grisly ends met door both characters are enough to jar one out of their seat.

But what I find darkest of all is what the parents go though. Hearing your daughter's weakening cries for "Mom" through the phone as she is dragged to her death is horrifying for any parent. Having it punctuated with seeing her body hanging from a tree, entrails hanging out is even worse.. All cause she got some movie facts wrong..

Seriously I keep forgetting how truly EVIL human beings can be..

Everyone knows this one. Steven King himself wishes he did this ending..
Basically, David kills his own child to spare him from the mist monsters. But finds out.. It's over.. It's all over. It was just the military coming to save them. Humanity has won.. He killed his boy for nothing.. And his wife was killed door the monsters off view. He has nothing left.. He screams over and over, sure Thomas Jane's screams are a little silly, but it's still cruel fate that could of been avoided if they only waited a little longer.. The film ends as we continue to hear that haunting song the movie made famish..
"The Host Of Seraphim door Dead Can Dance"

It's hard to pin point just ONE thing wrong about this movie, so I won't..