I only saw bits the remake., not enough for a full review. But I saw the original several times., It’s quite underrated.

For one thing Tim Currey is actually pretty unsettling. The cast actually avoided him.

This is most highlighted in Georgie’s death. Cause Tim Currey is really good at seeming like just a friendly clown in the sewer for some reason. The remake does this too. But then Penny just stares at him. And Georgie only goes for the boot to not upset Billy.. In here there doesn’t seem to be much reason not to trust him.. Not till it’s already too late.

At the same thing time Currey’s Penny wise gives off sort of a predator vibe.. making him meer creepy than scary. But I kinda like that..

Other parts that Penny creeps me out are, being bens dad in the sewer, being stanley’s head., and that friggin picture book scene and his “I’m everything u fear” speech..

Yes, even the balloons are actually kinda creepy.. just the fact they verplaats omnisiously. And seem to be symbolic.:

Not sure what meer to say. This movie was like 4 hours. So I had to sacrifice a lot of time.. video game time:(

But globaal, algemene I give 6/10

Not the best movie I seen., but it’s still good. It’s creepy enough. Even with the over the episode top-ness